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As a TV Producer, I always have my finger on the pulse. I’ve been blogging about TV and pop culture since 2017. This is what I’ve been watching, reading, listening to, and thinking about. For weekly updates, sign up for my newsletter on substack.

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  • Weekly Wrap Up: March 4th 2018

    Guys. It has been a week. All leading up to the Oscars. Ft. George Ezra, Weird Al and David Suzuki.

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  • Tessa and Scott

    Tessa and Scott

    If you want romance, don’t watch The Bachelor. Watch Tessa and Scott look at each other.

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  • Queer Eye got a Makeover – and it looks great

    Queer Eye is back and it’s better than ever! Bobby Berk (design), Antoni Porowski (food+wine), Jonathan Van Ness (grooming), Tan France (fashion), and Karamo Brown (culture) are fantastic. Each brings their own flare to the project and I honestly cannot pick a favourite. Bobby’s designs are beatiful and functional. I want to live in the Camp…

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  • Weekly Wrap Up: Feb 25th

    Weekly Wrap Up: Feb 25th

    Even with the Olympics going on – there was still a fair bit of content that caught my eye. The Olympics was for sure the focus of most of my attention – so I’ll be dedicating a few posts to just that. But I was also focused on the response from the media to the…

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  • Weekly Wrap-Up: Feb 18th

    Weekly Wrap-Up: Feb 18th

    Guys – not much has peaked my interest this week. Just a few videos to update you on. Maybe because the only thing I care about is the Olympics…

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  • Coach Snoop

    Coach Snoop

    Coach Snoop might be my favourite sports documentary of all time. I’m going to make another bold statement: in the world of football coaches, Snoop might be up there with Coach Taylor. Not exactly clear eyes, but Snoop has that same sentiment.

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  • Weekly Wrap-up: Feb 11th 2018

    If there were an Olympic event for watching videos on youtube I’d win a gold. Here are some of my top picks this week ft. some fantastic Irish talent, powerful women and statistics.

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  • Olympics 2018: Week One

    Olympics 2018: Week One

    I’ve trained hard, practiced lots and now I’m a gold medal Olympic watcher. I’ll be updating this Olympic blog as the games progress. So check back in as the Olympics continue.

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  • Super Bowl Sunday

    Super Bowl Sunday

    Football, Timberlake, and This Is Us. What a Sunday evening. This is the kind of ‘event viewing’ that keeps people from cutting the cord. Must watch, live TV.

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  • Weekly Wrap-Up: Feb 4th 2018

    Ok kids – it’s been a slow week in my world.  Real slow… like donair meat spinning on a spit…

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