Weekly Wrap Up: Feb 25th

Even with the Olympics going on – there was still a fair bit of content that caught my eye. The Olympics was for sure the focus of most of my attention – so I’ll be dedicating a few posts to just that. But I was also focused on the response from the media to the Parkland, Florida shooting. Again – I feel like there is so much to unpack that I’m going to put together a whole post about it. Outside of those two major events – this is the stuff that caught my eye:


Fergie’s US Anthem

So much to unpack here. First admission: I love Fergie. My first concert ever was the Black Eye Peas (Rihanna opened, she was terrible) at the Molson Amphitheatre. Fergalish She will forever have a special place in my heart. Second admission: I hated this. Just awful. You look at the faces of the NBA players and you feel the uncomfortable awkwardness of the moment.

Rolling Stone magazine summed up the moment like this: “Throughout Fergie’s sultry two-and-a-half-minute version, a “low chuckle rumbled through the sold-out” Staples Center… with some basketball players, including Draymond Green, unable to suppress their laughter during the performance.”

Fergie even said sorry. HOWEVER… not all hated it – so what do you think? Hit or Miss?

Drake – God’s Plan

So this came out last week. Should have talked about it then. I was out of town for the weekend and forgot to add it to my list… whatever. We’re here now 🙂 This is a great video for Drake. He’s been doing the whole ‘Me against the World’ thing for a while and I like Drake best when he acts like a nice guy. This is taking the nice guy to a very cliche level – but still a worthy activity. Drake is not the first to take a video budget and donate it to things. Clearly, we made a video about your donations so not 100% selfless here bud, but kudos to you for donating money regardless how uncreative and potentially self-serving it might be. Also here’s Guillermo doing the ‘same’ thing.

Hedley’s Fall from Grace:

I’m disappointed, but I’m not surprised. I loved Jacob Hoggard on Canadian Idol – and the music Hedley put out wasn’t awful… but I think Hedley got cocky. I was an event a year and a half ago where Hoggard interrupted the female presenters, picked one of them in a massive hug, spun her around and then yelled into the mic that it was just a bit of “locker room talk”.  This was right after the Trump-Billy Bush interview had come out. It was a complete mess. So when this came out… I wasn’t surprised.  People in my office had stories about him being creepy towards their friends. The National does a good job of summing up what happened here:



Timeless: Save the Date

I’m so excited for my favourite time travelling terrorists to return to TV! I can’t wait for Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus to grace our screens as they run around the last 300+ years.  Here’s hoping that Lucy and Rufus keep


This looks interesting…  I’ll watch the pilot at least.

Hometowns with Kalen.

I want more Kalen. His one-liners are fire, his opinions are spot on and I like that he brings in a fresh perspective. Also Tia for Bachelorette. #teamtia. Just saying…

Celebrities attempting British Accents…

is amazing. Love this little montage. Most are awful… however there are some gems. The best bit is Chris Pratt doing the TOWIE crew. Also not an accent but when Graham says ‘Believers… we have a message from your leader’. 10/10.



Game Night

On Saturday night, my cousin and I tried to see Black Panther – but obviously, it was sold out. Instead, we watched Game Night. It’s fun. Great cast and lots of really wonderful moments. To me- the highlight is that Coach Taylor and Landry are reunited. I wish they had a Clear Eyes, Full Full Harts, Can’t Lose reference as they played jenga or whatever. When it comes out on netflix you should watch it.

Internet Things

How the Economy shapes our love lives…

Aka why I hate dating:


Even though I said I would do a whole post… I just needed to share these here: 

Tessa and Scott

There is just something about Tessa and Scott. They are just magic – they have the most insane chemistry that translates into my hardcore shipping of Tessa and Scott. This montage of their 20-year career together is perfect. The old home videos, the Jim Cuddy music, and the voiceover. Just spectacular. Watch it and try not to cry:

Thanks Mom

I’ve been seeing this commercial throughout the Olympics nonstop. I cry every time. It’s just so wonderful. So I had to find the orginal song. I was pleasently surprised to find out it was MILCK – the same woman who this time last year was making headlines for her song ‘Quiet’. MILCK’s voice is just so wonderful on this classic tune. Take a peak here and try not to sob:


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