Weekly Wrap-up: Feb 11th 2018

If there were an Olympic event for watching videos on youtube I’d win a gold. Here are some of my top picks this week ft. some fantastic Irish talent, powerful women and statistics.


George Ezra- Paradise

George Ezra’s voice is so unexpected – and so wonderful. I could listen to his voice for hours. He’s touring his new music and I want to go see his show. Anyone else?

Allie Sherlock:

My favourite part of touring Europe is the high quality of busking. I’ve seen so many kids that made me stop in my tracks and listen to them play. Allie Sherlock is an Irish busker that is currently getting a lot of traction. Last week she was on Ellen. This week she’s working with Ryan Tedder. Watch out world – Allie Sherlock will be coming to your radio soon.


Ellen Staff’s Bachelor Recaps

If you are watching the Bachelor and not watching Ellen’s Staff’s recaps – you are not doing the bachelor experience to it’s fullest. Of all the Bachelor recaps – these three are my favourite. I relate to Tracey. I feel like we could be friends/the same person.

Olympic Curling – James Corden

I’m obsessed with the Olympics. I woke up on Friday at 6am to watch the Opening Ceremonies. I particularly love Curling and I understand the mania that these gents chat about. Bonus points because Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins is A True Canadian Hero by explaining to the Brits what exactly the curlers are yelling. Hurry Hard and watch this video:

Saoirse Ronan on the Galway Grill Tattoo

In November I went to Ireland and made a specific trip to Galway and it was a highlight of my Irish adventure.  The town is fantastic, the vibe is incredible and the people are just wonderful. Obviously I’ve seen the Galway Girl video a few times (couple hundred times), and so I went to the first bar featured in the video to start off my Galway evening.  It was one of the best nights of my trip. I cannot wait to go back.  10/10 – would recommend to anyone.  In the music video for Galway Girl, Saoirse and Ed have a magical evening as well and at one point she tattoos ‘Galway Grill’ on his arm. Here is the story behind the misspell.


Life Of The Party.

I am pumped for this movie. I adore Melissa McCarthy and I love the setup for this. Mom is now a College Girl and I cannot wait… well maybe I’ll ‘wait for netflix’ rather than go see it in theatres – but still, I think this is going to be really fun.

Internet Things:

The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable: Actresses

I look forward to these very year. This year with the Times Up and #metoo movements – I was particularly interested in what the actresses were going to talk about and this roundtable did not disappoint.  My only complaint… as much as I adore, Jennifer Lawrence, this was not her year. I would have loved to have seen Reese Witherspoon, Margo Robbie – or more women of colour who would add so much to the conversation like Octavia Spencer or Lupita Nyong’o.


Makers Conference

If you want to be inspired by powerful women watch the Maker’s Confrence. It has something for everyone. There are so many prolific women here speaking on a wide range of topics. The best 72 hours of your life awaits:

Watch it here: https://www.makers.com/


Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and Oprah talk about Ambition

I’m an ambition person.  I take pride in my goals and I want to move my career in a very specific direction.  Being Ambitious isn’t always a good thing for women – and Reese gives a great explanation of why it’s not a terrifying thing. Add this to the list of reasons why I love her.

Vox on the Census

I’m a statistics nerd.  I work on a Canadian TV show, The Stats of Life that relies heavily on the Canadian census. In the states, the Census is in serious trouble. Vox explains why it’s important and how it got to this stage. I totally nerded out watching this, I hope you do too.


Nothing Beats a Londoner

I loved living in London – I’m a NW6 gal, Belsize Park is my station, I drink in Camden and the Heath is my park. If I move anywhere outside of Canada, I’d go back to London. There is a strong sense of hustle and people there have a very specific drive. This Nike ad brings the best of that forward. It made my love for London that much stronger.

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