Olympics 2018: Week One


Let me tell you a story:

I used to be a competitive Synchronized Swimmer. I would be in the pool 6-7 times a week and I trained hard. So when I was 12, I told a coach, ‘One day I’m going to go to the Olympics’ and she replied, ‘Yeah? What sport are you going to watch?’.

Clearly – being an athlete wasn’t in the cards. However, let me tell you – I’ve trained hard, practiced lots and now I’m a gold medal Olympic watcher.

I’ll be updating this Olympic blog as the games progress. I’ll organize it by day and by sport.  So check back in as week one of the Olympics continue.


Pre Olympics:


Stop whatever you are doing and before you watch the Olympics, watch this documentary. It is eye opening, shocking and incredibly well made. This is the go-to doc to explain why the Russians are not allowed to compete under their flag. This doc might still get some gold… Oscar gold. It’s nominated in the best documentary category for the 2018 Oscars – and it will be hard to beat.

Team Korea – Women’s Hockey

A united Korea is one of the biggest headlines to come out of the Olympics this year. CBC’s The National put together this fascinating look at how this team came together. On a personal note – I went to high school with Danelle Im.She’s a few years younger but an absolute gem. We were on the Girl’s Athletic Association at NTCI together – so while I’ll cheer loudest for Canada, I’d love to see her do well.

Tessa and Scott’s Olympic Journey

Tessa and Scott. Enough said. Enjoy:

Day One:

Opening Ceremony

I woke up at 6am to watch this… and it was great. Highlights included K-pop dancing, the shirtless man from Tonga and of course the wonderful #TeamCanada!

Watch below for the highlights and go check out my twitter for some of my live thoughts.

Team Figure Skating

I love that they put the figure skaters together as a team – it really shows the depth of each countries skating contingent.  Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford start skating at the 3:57 mark and their routine is just lovely. They look great, skate clean and show their strength and athleticism. It’s a joy to watch.


Day Two:

Silver, Silver, Bronze!

Mark McMorris is a beast. Enjoy…


more to come… 

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