Coach Snoop

Coach Snoop might be my favourite sports documentary of all time. I’m going to make another bold statement: in the world of football coaches, Snoop might be up there with Coach Taylor.

Not exactly clear eyes, but Snoop has that same sentiment.

I love how he talks about how important the 13-14 age group is. This is the age group that I work with in Girl Guides – and I agree. It’s where kids are deciding what path they want to go down.

The show follows Snoop’s Youth Football League over the course of a season. We meet the kids, parents, coaches and team staff that make it all possible.

It’s the people that make this show sing.

The kids on this show are incredible. These little guys are absolutely compelling. I love Max and his mom’s relationship. J-roc makes me laugh and reminds me of a few kids I’ve worked with over the years. I think Aaron is trying hard and I want him to be successful. Then there are all the other kids – you could do a whole other show diving into those kids lives.

Not only are the kids compelling – the kids are really good football players. This isn’t teach you how to play, this is ‘teach you how to win a national championship’. So when the kids say they want to play college or in the NFL you believe them. You can see their potential and you want them to achieve those goals.

The coaches clearly do a good job getting them there. The coaching style is not what you would expect out of a traditional coach – but let’s remind ourselves that this is Snoop Dog. It’s obviously going to be different. Different is good in this case.

Don’t believe me? Watch it. It’s a solid show.

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