Television Production

I’m a true believer in doing what you love and I love TV.  From scripted dramas to reality tv – I love watching great stories unfold.

I also love getting to tell those great stories.

I am an experienced Associate Producer and Casting Researcher – from casting to production logistics to factual information – I can help you achieve your show’s goals and make your production as strong as possible.  I’m comfortable working anywhere – in the field, in a studio, in an office, or even from home. I have experience working in pre-production through post-production.

People often refer to me as a Production ‘Swiss army knife’ – my skills are the toolkit that will help you in all situations.

As an MBA Candidate, I’m currently transitioning into working with production companies and broadcasters on their long-term strategic goals, and productions implement strong innovative practices.

In the past I’ve worked in cast care – a job I absolutely adore. I love wrangling casts of all ages and I particularly love working with kids and teenagers.  I’m passionate about helping talent achieve their best performances.

I’d love to talk about your upcoming projects to see how I can help your production shine.

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