Weekly Wrap-Up: Feb 18th

Guys – not much has peaked my interest this week. Just a few videos to update you on. Maybe because the only thing I care about is the Olympics…


James Bay – Wild Love

Dear James Bay, I hard for your music when Let it Go played during a particularly emotional scene on The RoyalsLet It Go became my go-to song to play on the guitar at campfires. You had such a wonderful, folksy vibe and raw, deep sound. Not to mention my love for your hats and long hair. But now I don’t know what to think. Where did the hat go James? Why did you cut your hair? Why is Wild Love so different? What’s happening James? I’m just a little lost and I have so many questions…

Vance Joy – Call If You Need Me

So we’ve got a bit of a black and white theme going on this week thus far. This feels very classic Vance and I really like it. Whenever he does that Mhhmmhmm thing, I can’t help but smile. I feel like this this is one of those songs that the more I listen to it, the more I’ll love it. Also that guitar playing – cannot wait to learn how play this song. Way to go Vance – you might have sold me a concert ticket 🙂 Who wants to go with me?


PrettyMuch – 10,000 Hours

This is a JAM. I’ve been following PrettyMuch pretty much from their launch last summer. For those of you not in the know – PrettyMuch is Simon Cowell’s newest boy band project. Being a five-member boy band is the only thing that this band has in common with Cowell’s most famous project, One Direction. PrettyMuch is more like Backstreet Boys meets Bruno Mars with a market of 15 year old girls. Their first song wasn’t fantastic, but they have potential and their last few releases have been strong. 10,000 Hours is worth listening to and I will pretty much guarantee you will start to dance.

Internet Things:

Lucie does A Capsule Wardrobe

I’m into Lucie’s ‘5 days of…’ vlog – it’s fun and always easy to enjoy. While this capsule wardrobe isn’t for me – I love the idea of having basic pieces with a few extras. If anyone wants to come help clear out my closet to achieve this let me know… 🙂

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