Queer Eye got a Makeover – and it looks great

Queer Eye is back and it’s better than ever!

Bobby Berk (design), Antoni Porowski (food+wine), Jonathan Van Ness (grooming), Tan France (fashion), and Karamo Brown (culture) are fantastic. Each brings their own flare to the project and I honestly cannot pick a favourite.

Bobby’s designs are beatiful and functional. I want to live in the Camp home. I adored what he did in Remington’s grandmothers home. I just love how personal he makes each of the spaces. I wish we saw more of his process, so perhaps an HGTV spin off? I’d watch that.

Antoni can’t cook – but he’s freaking cute. Like SO charming, so good looking, so much eye sparkle.  So we’ll let him off the hook, even with teaching the firefighters how to “cook” hot dogs in Hose Before Bros…

Jonathan is hilarious – and as much as he is outrageously ‘gay’, he’s outrageously kind. He is the most out there member of the fab five and brings so much fun to the show. I love how he always talks about how good looking the makeover men are, before he spruces them up.

Tan is so realistic. He’s not making them all over using high fashion. He’s taking the men to stores that anyone can shop at – places like Target and Banana Republic. He’s just got such a wonderful kind personality – the kind of person you want to introduce to your mother.

Karamo is lovely – but sometimes much like Antoni, I don’t know what his true purpose is. I do love his life coaching, and I would love to be coached by Karamo. Karamo’s best moment was in Dega Don’t – when he talks about the relationship between the police and African Americans. This one scene alone made it worth it.

So because I’m obsessed with them, I’ve been watching all their press clips and – I want you to become obsessed as well so here are some of my favourites.

Let’s start with the trailer:

“Our fight is for acceptance” – get pumped.

Then let’s reflect on the past and pass the torch:

Still with me? Here’s a mini-episode if you want to get the flavour of the show – the full ones are much better but this is still wonderful.

Now by this point you might saying to yourself, ‘How do I know these people’.

Well Karamo was on MTV’s The Real World (which was a phenomenal show back in the day). But Jonathan is the star of Gay of Thrones – a funny or die sketch show. If you love Game of Thrones – and you love pop culture – this is the show for you.

One of the best parts of the press tour these days has been the stops shows make at Build. Perhaps I’ll do a whole post later about my love for Build – but for now, here is the Build stop. This video is about 20 minutes long and totally worth every minute.

Now that you’ve obviously have watched all the shows – this will fill your heart with joy to hear that after filming they still keep in touch!


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