Weekly Wrap-Up: Feb 4th 2018

Ok kids – it’s been a slow week in my world.  Real slow… like donair meat spinning on a spit…


Lady Gaga – Joanne (Piano Version)

Last Sunday GaGa and Mark Ronson took to the grammy stage, with just an acoustic guitar and grand piano and played this stunning song. She released this video last week and I can’t stop playing it. It’s just so stunning.

Hailee Steinfeld, BloodPop – Capital Letters

So I love Hailee Steinfeld, I think she’s great and ridiculously talented. I really like this song. I really like the music video – I think she looks fantastic. However… I really don’t love how this is part of the Fifty Shades of Grey empire. I’m just so over it. The music has always been fantastic, but the feminist in me has a very hard time with the trilogy. So let’s go back to making amazing music and keeping it separate from the movie/books. k thx.

Can the Grammy’s Be Fixed? Popcast NYT-

I’ve been so impressed with the New York Time’s podcasts. I’m a big fan of The Daily and I regularly listen to popcast. I got into a bit of a debate with my cousin over if ‘Kendirck was robbed’ – and this podcast dives deeper into this debate with much more knowledge. My personal opinion is that is VERY difficult to compare musical genres.  Kendrick should be proud of his best rap Grammy – he’s at the top of his genre and if the ‘best’ overall album voting is flawed at least he won there.

Man of the Woods – Justin Timberlake

Tonight JT will return to the Superbowl Half Time Show. I saw his 20/20 tour and he is a phenomenal performer, so the show should be amazing.  However… this is not great. Again, I’m really skeptical of his ‘Man of the Woods’ era. As a Lady of the Woods – I’m not a fan. You’re not woodsy because you wore a plaid shirt or go glamping. It almost feels like he’s making fun of, or trivializing people who spend time outdoors. I do like the fact that he brought his wife in, because I also love her. But JT, get it together and go back to the city.


When We First Met – Trailer

YES. I am SO excited for this movie. 1) Because our leading lady goes as a Rockwell Peach for Halloween which is just brilliant 2) Adam Devine is a fantastic ‘average guy’ which I appericate more than if this had Zefron or someone 3) I love a good photo booth time machine rom-com. I loved the Duff and this movie is by the same Director. Comes out next Friday – Feb 9th. I will be hosting a viewing party. RSVP asap.

Celebrity Big Brother!

I’m EXTREMELY excited for this – but then again I’m always EXTREMELY excited for BigBro. I have to admit, for a long time I thought Big Brother was awful. I couldn’t get into it, I didn’t get it, I didn’t have any positive associations with it. AND THEN…. I started working on Big Brother Canada… and I fell in love with the format. I think it’s a killer show. I’m not thrilled with the casting, there was a leaked version that was SO much better. But still… this will be fun. Will I watch this over the Olympics? Absolutely not.  But I will DVR it and watch it when Canada isn’t competing 🙂

D’Arcy Carden meets Harry Styles – Conan

I forking love D’Arcy Carden on the Good Place. Janet just makes the show that much better. I also really forking love Harry Styles. I’m very glad D’Arcy and I have this common. This is a great story, but we know this is an ‘old’ story because Styles has The Hair. Still wonderful, the photo is still #goals.

Seth and Kelly Go Day Drinking

I want this to be a think like Carpool Karaoke. I want Day Drinking with… to be a thing Seth does all the time. I love Drunk History, I really enjoy beer, music and all of that.  So this is perfect. Please do more. With Harry Styles next 🙂

Internet things:


Oh Kings – my wonderful, glorious, undergraduate university – how I adore you. From the first Blundstone Boot I knew I’d love this video. It’s very King’s. Which fills me with a lot of joy.  Also – released on a Monday, which in the King’s universe was our big party night #fypmondays. We’re a little weird, but we all grew in to it – which is exactly how I feel about this video. It’s a little weird, but totally perfect – and I know it will inspire all the future lawyers out there.

Live Donair Cam

I went to king’s. Thus I spent four formative years in Halifax… learning that proper drunk food was a Donair. I spent many a night at Pizza Corner, eating garlic fingers with donair sauce or straight up donairs. This is a live cam of Donair meat spinning at King of Donair. It is incredible. It is hard to look away. It is also making me very hungry and nostalgic for my Halifax days…

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