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I adore First Dates – the most endearing show on TV

There is nothing I love more than watching two adorable British people on a first date. First Dates is a British reality show that has been airing on Channel 4 since 2013. The show takes over a central London restaurant, outfits the whole thing with discrete cameras (think Big Brother style) and brings in people… Continue reading I adore First Dates – the most endearing show on TV

TV Reviews

You should be watching Terrace House

Remember how much you loved MTV back in the day... The Hills, The Real World, The Hills Aftershow with Dan and Jessi... or maybe you adore Made in Chelsea. Well Terrace House is the Japanese equivalent that you don't want to miss. The concept is simple - "Terrace House is a show about six… Continue reading You should be watching Terrace House


Weekly Wrap-Up July 29

It's my birthday! I'm ready for this next chapter. I consumed some killer content this week and I just think it might be time to start creating some more original content. I've got some goals and I'm feeling inspired to make them happen. This week inspiring me to chase my goals is Chance the Rapper.… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up July 29