Weekly Wrap-up May 6th 2018

It's been a crazy week for Kanye. But there has been more to the week than the Kayne West thing... we also had an *NSYNC reunion, a lot of 'behind the scenes' making of videos, some new trailers including one for 13 Reasons Why and some really great sports stuff. Like always get in touch and… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-up May 6th 2018


Weekly Wrap-Up April 29th

Oh hey everyone. Welcome back to another week of pop culture moments that have made me excited. This week we've got a couple of country music videos that are making me think, a few movie trailers making waves, a new carpool Karaoke and other Cordon Fun, plus a whole bunch of random moments that I'm… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up April 29th


Weekly Wrap-Up April 22nd 2018

In music, Ariana Grande is back. Boybands (current and former) continue to capture my interest.  We've got new movie trailers for the Incredibles, a Cillian Murphy romance movie, and a new Netflix movie about a debate club. In TV news we've got new seasons of old classics. Plus the internet really showed up with lots of… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up April 22nd 2018

TV Reviews

Goodbye for now Rick Mercer

On April 10th 2018, The Rick Mercer Report aired its last episode. We knew this was coming. Rick had done the farewell press tour stopping at q with Tom Power and The National. He picked up an Icon Award at the Canadian Screen Awards in March. But it still feels wrong that the Rick Mercer Report won't be on… Continue reading Goodbye for now Rick Mercer


Weekly Wrap Up April 15 2018

This week started off with the country still reeling from the Humbolt Broncos crash. But then Beyonce wrapped up the week with a concert-for-the-ages and made everyone smile again. Lots of content to unpack this week from music videos to politics to births and deaths. Enjoy 🙂 Music Paul Brandt I cried when I first… Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up April 15 2018