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The Magic of the Re-Watch

One of my favourite questions to ask people is “What are you watching?” I can get a lot out of their answer - from their taste in TV, their general interests, new show recommendations, and if I’m lucky - we’re watching the same thing - so I have someone new to talk about that show… Continue reading The Magic of the Re-Watch

TV Reviews

Because News is what Canadian TV needs

If you are a CBC Radio fan, there is a high chance you've heard Because News. Hosted by Gavin Crawford, each show features three different panelists who answer trivia questions about current affairs. But this isn't a CBC News show - it's a CBC Comedy show where the majority the answers are hilariously so wrong… Continue reading Because News is what Canadian TV needs

TV Reviews

Bravo to Bravo – you sucked me in

At the beginning of quarantine, when we thought it was just going to be two weeks, I decided to subscribe to Hayu for the first free month. I figured - this will be fun and free and I'll cancel at the end of the month when we all go back to work and I won't… Continue reading Bravo to Bravo – you sucked me in