I realized that I had a talent for taking photos when the majority of my friends had photos I took of them as their profile pictures.  Turning my hobby into a business was my friend Jeff Harris’ idea.  We were at camp – where I often have my camera out – and after taking a photo of him, he suggested I take photos of others more formally.

Jeff Harris at Ooch in Winter 2016

So now I do 🙂

These days I offer four different photography packages:

  1. LinkedIn Photos and mini portrait sessions –  I’ll meet my client at a location and we’ll shoot for an hour and get some photos that they can use to make their LinkedIn profile sing.
  2. Blog and personal brand photos – I’ll meet my client at a location and we’ll shoot for two hours. We’ll change outfits and locations, and try to get a bunch of photos that they can use for their websites and have the variety that they can then use over a longer period of time.
  3. Family sessions – I’ll meet the family at a location and we’ll shoot for two hours – with the idea of capturing many different family combinations and a series of photos that they will want to display for years to come.
  4. Event Photography – From conferences to opening nights – I’ll photograph an event with a mixture of candid moments and posed photos for use on social media and in publications.  I work hard to give the client their photos as a fast as possible so that they can share them quickly after the event.

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In addition to the many individuals and families I’ve worked with – I’ve had the joy of working with many corporate clients  Some of these clients include:

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