Paula’s Holiday Movie Guide 2021

I am livid that this is another Covid Christmas. LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?! But I can’t control that. What I can control is my Holiday watch list.

I’m curling up with cozy blankets, spiked hot chocolate, and a lot of holiday movies.

This is the 2021 guide letting you know where your favourite holiday movies are streaming this year in Canada 🎁

Over on Disney+ I’ve got a bunch of classics.

Miracle on 34th Street — both the original and the 90s remake are both on the platform.

If you, like me, are feeling like a Scrooge this year, then The Muppet Christmas Carol might fix that. It’s a classic for a reason. Personally, I prefer A Muppet Family Christmas but I can’t find it formally streaming anywhere (there is a youtube link if you search for it). Jim Carrey’s A Christmas Carol is another option for all you Scrooges out there.

For all you JTT fans, I’ll Be Home For Christmas is another solid 90s classic.

Like in 2020, 2021 is a great year for Home Alone. Disney+ has all four movies PLUS a new TV series called Home Sweet Home Alone.

If you want a yule log for your TV — Disney also has some excellent options. I’m recommending the Arendelle Castle Yule Log Cut Paper Edition. It’s very cute. Plus Frozen just feels like a holiday movie.

Cult favourite The Family Stone is always a good choice. I watched it last winter for the first time in a long time and loved it. It’s high on my watch list.

Finally, I’m a massive fan of The Santa Clause. The first movie is one of those iconic 90s holiday films that I could watch over and over. My family owned it on VHS and I have probably seen it hundreds of time. Depending on my mood I watch the other two in the series but the first is the classic. I also have a lot of love for David Krumholtz as Bernard (I generally have a lot of love for Krumholtz, but this movie is the start of that love affair).

Always a classic, Netflix has a lot of great options:

We have to start with Nancy Meyers’ The Holiday on the top of list. The idea of moving to a cottage in a small town feels perfect and quarantining with Mr. Napkin head and the girls sounds lovely. Or you know, I wouldn’t complain if I had the mansion in LA. There is a trend to do “The Holiday” this year — and a lot of girls are switching houses. I’d be game. Anyone in the UK want to swap?

There are a few new classics on the platform. Single All The way is a holiday option — but Love Hard is my new favourite. It is a very cute movie that will fill your cup.

There are also a lot of great TV shows that you can watch to get you in the spirit. Dash and Lily was a great show. There is a Norwegian show called Home For Christmas that is excellent. I also think Fargo is a must-watch around the holidays. It’s that perfect ‘boxing day’ show. It’s not *Christmas* but it is a winter show – a nice show to ease you out of the holiday genre and back into regular programming.

As of the 22nd, Greta Gerwig’s Little Women is on Netflix. I could watch this movie at any time of the year, but it feels the most like a Winter movie. Trilled it’s going to be easy to watch this year.

Netlfix Canada has list of ‘holiday’ episodes of all their classic shows. I’d recommend any of them.

I’m here for the Canadian Streaming services so let’s do a Crave Guide.

Crave has Elf. I dislike this movie, but I know you all LOVE it. So… it’s on crave.

My favourite, The Polar Express is on Crave this year. It is the coziest film. I was obsessed with this book and movie as a kid. I just lovvvvveed it.

If you want an olide but a goodie – It’s a Wonderful Live is on Crave.

One of my all time favourite holiday movies is Christmas with the Kranks staring Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen. This movie is ridiculous but it always has me cackling with laughter and every time I watch it I want to plan a massive Christmas Eve party. In last year’s holiday post, I said this about my love of the Kranks Holiday party “Let’s just put it this way – in 2021, I’m hosting a BANGER.” … cue the tears.

I personally don’t think it’s Christmas until I’ve watched Love Actually. However this year it feels a bit off. As in… I don’t want to watch people hugging at airports. The whole idea of families coming together… break my heart Love Actually. That being said – of course I’m going to watch it. I really think the scene that will resonate this year is Mark’s cards. I feel like a lot of us will be wishing loved one’s “Merry Christmas” from a far with signs…

Finally, the holidays are ALWAYS a time to marathon fantasy movies. I’m personally a Harry Potter girl, but I also have been known to watch the Chronicles of Narnia. I know many of you love watching The Lord of The Rings. There really is no ‘wrong’ answer here. It’s all about watching epic quests that at some point involve snow. The complete Harry Potter collection is now on Crave. I have complicated feelings with it now (ugh she who must not be named really became Umbridge…) but I still love watching the old DVD’s.

Other things to watch:

Here’s the link to CBC’s Holiday Guide. There are new holiday shows every day.

Plus if you are super cheesy… Over on Hayu you can watch The Housewives of the North Pole. Yup.

Ok that’s it for me, as always tell me what you end up watching!

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