All the Shows I watched in 2021

I watched a lot of TV in 2021. Not a much as in 2020, but still A LOT. Starting my MBA program this fall really put the breaks on how much stuff I watch… but I still managed to watch a lot.

Here’s how this works. To make the list I needed to watch more than a few episodes – we’re talking at least 50% of a season. If I wrote a blog about the show, I’ll link to it. If I really loved it, I’ll be sure to point it out.

I’ve tried to organize the list by type of show and the way that I watched them.







And oh yeah…

I watched every Juno’s broadcast ever for work. That would be 50 years of 2-3 hour-long broadcasts. It took me a month and it was a masterclass in how the show has progressed over the years.

Bring it on 2022.

Want to read last year’s list? Check it out here.

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