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Political TV shows worth your time – Borgen and beyond

If we've spent anytime together, I've probably mentioned to you, at least once, that I was an Ontario Legislative Page. As a nerdy eighth grader, hanging out with other kids who liked politics and were interested in the political process of our province was life changing. I no longer felt weird - I felt accepted… Continue reading Political TV shows worth your time – Borgen and beyond


Weekly Wrap-Up June 24th 2018

I've been busy. I write up these blogs and then forget to hit publish, so this is a bit of a mashup of a few weeks of videos. So here you go, a bit late but with lots of fantastic things to see. There are so many videos that I've been wanting to talk about… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up June 24th 2018


Wrap Up: June 10th

I've been SO flipping busy the last month. The show I'm working is super busy right now and all my volunteer gigs are all ending so lots of 'year-end' events to go to. I haven't had time to sit down and watch youtube in a long time - and I really haven't had the time to… Continue reading Wrap Up: June 10th