TV Reviews

Let’s talk about Ginny & Georgia

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to Ginny & Georgia because this is a completely BONKERS show but in all the best ways and I loved it. Ginny & Georgia is a mother-daughter show often described as Gilmore Girls 2.0. I think that's lazy. Sure you've got the double G alliteration,… Continue reading Let’s talk about Ginny & Georgia

TV Reviews

The Magic of the Re-Watch

One of my favourite questions to ask people is “What are you watching?” I can get a lot out of their answer - from their taste in TV, their general interests, new show recommendations, and if I’m lucky - we’re watching the same thing - so I have someone new to talk about that show… Continue reading The Magic of the Re-Watch


Wrap Up: June 10th

I've been SO flipping busy the last month. The show I'm working is super busy right now and all my volunteer gigs are all ending so lots of 'year-end' events to go to. I haven't had time to sit down and watch youtube in a long time - and I really haven't had the time to… Continue reading Wrap Up: June 10th