Wrap Up: June 10th

I’ve been SO flipping busy the last month. The show I’m working is super busy right now and all my volunteer gigs are all ending so lots of ‘year-end’ events to go to. I haven’t had time to sit down and watch youtube in a long time – and I really haven’t had the time to give thought to what I’ve been watching. Until now.

This was my first gloriously free weekend in a month and it was spectular.

Mostly because Taylor Swift is back to country 🙂


Babe – Sugarland ft. Taylor Swift

I love country Taylor. This is what I want more of – I want more music that feels a little less poppy, a little bit more authentic, a little bit more back home. Plus any music video with Brandon Routh is 10/10 in my books.

Like to Be You – Shawn Mendes & Julia Michaels

Two wonderful people singing a wonderful song. Julia Michaels is incredible. I first heard about her on q with Shad. She is a powerhouse and I’m so glad she and Shawn are making music together – and not just writing in the background.

Live Lounge: Charlie Puth covering In My Blood

Charlie and Shawn toured together and are apparently good buddies. I’m into this bromance. This cover is also amazing. Charlie’s voice on this track is incredible and using the piano instead of the guitar is a great plan.

Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft. Cardi B

So this came out a little while ago – but I’m obsessed. It’s a game of name that celebrity but with all these powerful ladies. The moment when Beanie Feldstein showed up made me cry. Beanie has two older brothers – Jonah Hill and Jordan Feldstein. Jordan was Maroon 5’s manager until his death in December. To see that the band is working with Beanie was just so moving.


Queer Eye Season 2!!!!!

YAS QUEEN! The best, most uplifting tv show is BACK on FRIDAY! I legit cannot wait to see what happens this year. I’m so excited to see how they settle into season two. I’m hopeful that things keep getting better – but a lot of shows hit the season two pressure and falter. However with this trailer I think we’re on track for another hit. Also – checkout the music video for their new theme song because it’s fire.


I’m all about Shawn Mendes – I also love James Corden. We had a week of the #LateLateShawn and it was amazing. Interview highlights include – voice cracks, love advice (James and I have something in common… try to guess what it is 😉), and of course – carpool karoke.

Fashion from The Crown

I love the notes on a scene series from Vanity Fair and this is a lovely gem. We all know The Crown has incredible costumes and it is a real treat to get to know what details went into making the incredible look.



First Man

Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Coach Taylor aka Kyle Chandler. This looks amazing. I cannot wait.

Internet Stuff

West Side Story – Jet Song Dance

I really like Galen Hooks – I go down the youtube rabbit hole watching their videos for hours. I’ve seen her do all different styles of videos – but this is just wonderful. Try watching it without smiling. You won’t be able to 🙂

Gourmet Skittles

Claire Saffitz is amazing. The fact that she can make gourmet skittles is amazing. Watch and learn kids:

Trade Wars!

Oh how this is, unfortunately, nessesary this week…

Gucci x Harry

I adore Harry Styles. He’s been working with Gucci for a while – and we finally get to see one of their add campaigns.  I love it. It just feels so wonderfully old-school British – yet fresh at the same time. I’m into it hard.

Adam Rippon and the Royal Wedding

Adam Rippon is a true star from the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Here he is in his typical style explaining what happened at the Royal Wedding. I love it.

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