Weekly Wrap-Up July 29

It's my birthday! I'm ready for this next chapter. I consumed some killer content this week and I just think it might be time to start creating some more original content. I've got some goals and I'm feeling inspired to make them happen. This week inspiring me to chase my goals is Chance the Rapper.… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up July 29

TV Reviews

Bachelorette 2018 – My ‘meet the men’ judgements

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUr7Nzt868E BRING ON THE MEN! Everyone is excited. I'm excited. My friends are excited. Ellen's Staff is excited... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY3cHmoQGdc Below is my in-depth, highly scientific analysis of the men of the bachelorette 2018 edition... Meet the Men JASON 29, Seattle, WA Sr. Corporate Banker He has a secret handshake. Cute. You are wonderful.  He gets… Continue reading Bachelorette 2018 – My ‘meet the men’ judgements


Weekly Wrap Up April 15 2018

This week started off with the country still reeling from the Humbolt Broncos crash. But then Beyonce wrapped up the week with a concert-for-the-ages and made everyone smile again. Lots of content to unpack this week from music videos to politics to births and deaths. Enjoy 🙂 Music Paul Brandt I cried when I first… Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up April 15 2018