Weekly Wrap Up April 15 2018

This week started off with the country still reeling from the Humbolt Broncos crash. But then Beyonce wrapped up the week with a concert-for-the-ages and made everyone smile again. Lots of content to unpack this week from music videos to politics to births and deaths. Enjoy 🙂


Paul Brandt

I cried when I first heard this. The Humbolt crash impacted Canadians across the country. I’ve spent my fair share of time on buses going back and forth from camp. Paul Brandt does a great job of capturing why hockey leaves such an imprint on Canadians.

Maren Morris – Rich

I’m a massive Maren Morris fan. I saw her in Dublin and this song, in particular, is one of my favourites. However, this is not a great music video. It feels like she’s trying really hard to be country. I wanted the Benz, head to toe Prada, yachts, Diddy and diamonds. I really wanted a lyrically literal video here.

Classified – Powerless

Classified is very good at what he does – this is a very Canadian music video. It’s a great job of commenting on the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. When the women in the jingle dresses start dancing near the red dresses – what a powerful image. Great job Classifed and team.

Vance Joy – Saturday Sun Video

This is a great video. Just one of those music videos that truly tells the story of the song. I’m a massive fan of Vance Joy – but he gets bonus points for using Canadian production company The Young Astronauts for producing this video.

Beyonce at Coachella.

You know what I’m talking about. I watched the full thing here – hopefully, you can too. I saw her live in 2015 and was unimpressed. This is SO MUCH BETTER. A true MUST WATCH. Everything about this was amazing. If you watch any of this – make sure it’s the part when Destiny’s Child Shows up.


Rick Mercer’s Last Rant

Oh Rick Mercer how you’ve changed Canada. I’m putting this here – but I’m dedicating a full blog to him soon.

Seth’s Baby

What a story. “She’s going to have a baby. She’s having a baby. She had a baby”.

End Game

This is beautiful. Sad, empowering, heartwarming – all the emotions in one. I’m really looking forward to watching this.


Great job SNL. You nailed it – this is exactly what women actually use workout gear for.

Next Time on MasterChef Canada my Dad will be on TV!

My dad has been volunteering for Habitat for Humanity for a long time. This is so much fun to see how he and his fellow volunteers are being honoured. Make sure you set your PVR this will be fun.


Mariah stays at a hostel

Oh Mariah. If only this was actually how much fun hostels are. I wish I had stayed at a hostel when Mariah showed up. I’ve done a bunch of hostels in a bunch of different places – but my favourite is the Loft Hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Hockey 101 with Snoop Dogg

I like that Snoop Dogg is into sports. This Hockey 101 episode is a joy. Here’s hoping he does more.

Bagels: New York vs Montreal

Montreal. End of story.


A Kid Like Jake

I like the idea of this movie. I like the cast. I like the way this feels. I’m not sure how it will all work out – but I’m very interested to see where it goes.

Oceans 8 Trailer #2

YES! These trailers just get better and better and the hype building for this movie keeps growing. I CANNOT wait to see this.


The Molly Ringwald-John Hughes movies might be my favourite teen movies ever. 16 Candles is the ultimate movie in my books – but then she wrote an article about her old 1980s John Hughes movies in the era of #MeToo and it changed how I see those movies. I still love them, but I highly recommend reading what she has to say.


Joe Kennedy

So I’m just going to put out into the world that Joe Kennedy III is one to watch. With Bobby Kenedy For President coming out on Netflix later this month and Joe Kennedy’s tour of the late night talk shows. The Kennedy family is getting renewed attention. Add in the fact that gun violence is the hot-button issue of the day and the Kennedy family has famously been affected by gun violence. He’s only 37 but I’m very interested to see where Joe Kennedy is going and how he evolves over the next year. Will he run for president year? Will be a VP pick? Is he building a brand for 2024? Who knows but I’m watching.

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