Weekly Wrap-Up July 29

It’s my birthday! I’m ready for this next chapter. I consumed some killer content this week and I just think it might be time to start creating some more original content. I’ve got some goals and I’m feeling inspired to make them happen. This week inspiring me to chase my goals is Chance the Rapper.


New Chance the Rapper x 5

So many new songs! So I’ve linked 65th and Ingleside because it was the 1st of Chance’s new 4 songs that I listened to. He is just so fresh. I’m not a big rap music consumer, but I could listen to Chance’s music all day, every day and be extremely happy. HOWEVER… I want Chance to stick to his own projects. I think collaborating with people DJ Khaled might bring in more fans, so from a business standpoint, I appreciate the move. But personly, I’m not a fan of these projects. Specifically, I’m not a fan of DJ Khaled and have a hard time generally with his music. To me, it’s a no-brainer… Chance’s solo stuff is the best.

Leon Bridges – Beyond

So I’ve been on a discovering new music kick as of late. Last week, I discovered Francis and the Lights. This week Leon Bridges was my top discovery. I knew his music, but I couldn’t put a face/name to the songs I’ve heard. His voice is just so smooth and has this retro quality to it. I am one of those awful people who thought he was an artist from the 1950s/60s because his sound is just so classic. I’m so glad I’ve figured this out. He is amazing. This is his most recent single, but his back catalogue is amazing. You will recognize his stuff. Go check out Coming Home, Mrs., and River. 

Ben Rector – Old Friends

New discovery 2.0 – Ben Rector. Again, I’ve heard his stuff but didn’t put his face/name to his music. Old Friends popped up on my ‘recommended’ videos early this week and now I can’t listen to anything but this song. The video is filmed at the house he grew up in and features his high school band, Euromart. While this song (and video) is so personal – it feels so familiar.  Sub out ‘Wiley’s House’ and ‘Blake’s Benchseat’ with Alina’s house and any of my camp friend’s cars. He just hits the nail on the head – old friends are truly incredible. So after you are done sobbing about how much you love your old friends, cheer yourself up with the most joyful video – the Brand New Fan Compilation Video.


James Corden had a great week

Talk about tv to talk about at the water cooler. First off, Tom Cruise challenges James to go skydiving and James says yes. So then James and Tom go skydiving. It is amazing. Everything you would ever want. BUT THEN IT GETS BETTER… James joins the backstreet boys. Kudos to the producers behind these segments. They are killer. #LateLateEmmy

Jimmy Kimmel helps a Hoarder

This is best without context. Want a laugh? Watch this.

Netflix August Preview!

August Netflix! Quite a few things to look out for. I’m excited for Like Father, La Casa Las Flores, and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I also pumped to see To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. There is enough here for me to have wonderful Sunday nights for the rest of the summer!

Bachelor In Paradise Season 5!

I’m watching this show for Grocery Joe. I’m very excited for Grocery Joe. However, bonus points go to Canadian Kevin, Bibidrama, and some Tia/Colton drama. Should be a complete waste of time and I’m ready for it.

The Proposal

Remember when I said The Proposal was the worst show ever?  James Corden has found it and agrees.

Riverdale Season 3

So Riverdale season one was strong and season two was ridiculous but I was sucked in. Season three is make-or-break for me. I hope Riverdale just suffered from second season syndrome. I will totally discuss all my thoughts on Riverdale later. For now – here is Kelly Ripa at San Diego Comic Con 🙂


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

I’M SO EXCITED FOR MORE HARRY POTTER. I cannot even contain myself. I adore this franchise so much. Others get excited about Star Wars, Marvel etc – I get pumped about the Wizarding World. I will be there lined up for the midnight show on November 16.

On the Basis of Sex

YAS QUEEN. The Notorious RBG has a *scripted* movie and I’m so excited. I love a good doc – I make docs, I live in that world – but there is something about a biopic that just makes me so happy. Felicity Jones seems wonderful in this role and I cannot wait to see this project.

Internet Things

Will Smith x #InMyFeelings

Way to go Will Smith. You won. Keke loves you.

Seth Rogen – Canada Love

I’ve got to give some Canadian Love to Seth Rogen this week. He is now the voice of Vancouver Transit. I really enjoy a good Twitter Suggestion/offer followthrough and this sets us (Toronto) up for great things (Drake telling me I’m almost home). Double bonus points to Seth and Evan Goldberg for getting inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame – but then saying thank you with a Red Green parody video. Peak Canada. What I really would like is for Seth and Evan to recreate a Tessa/Scott moment at the ceremony ala Bound 2.

How Movie Trailers Manipulate You

I really enjoy movie trailers. This is so great to understand how movie trailers work and how that industry gets us to buy a ticket.

Demi’s Overdose

Ugh. When sober came out – I hoped it was a bump in the road. This was a full derailment. It is incredibly sad and I really hope she gets the helps she needs.

Making Videos

I have no idea who this guy is – but I’m into him and his message in this video. I would love to see more creativity in the youtube community.

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