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Paula’s Holiday Movie Guide 2020

I adore the holidays and everything that goes along with them. The parties, the shopping, the holiday parades, the ugly sweaters... and of course the pop culture! I'm talking about movies, holiday specials on TV shows, and the music! I just love all of it. This year, I'm not in the holiday spirit. I'm not… Continue reading Paula’s Holiday Movie Guide 2020

Movie Reviews

XMAS Countdown: A Muppet Family Christmas

Bold Statement: A Muppet Family Christmas is a true holiday classic and much better than The Muppets Christmas Carol. Basic premise: The gang all heads to Fozzie Bear's mother's house for the holidays.... but mom is off to Californa! So she rents it out to Doc and his dog, Sprocket, for a nice, quiet Christmas.… Continue reading XMAS Countdown: A Muppet Family Christmas

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XMAS Countdown: Oprah’s Favourite Things

Oprah's Favourite Things special was my favourite holiday tv tradition when I was a kid. Oprah was my favourite tradition in general when I was a kid - I used to rush home from school to watch her show every day. When people ask me what my dream job is in TV, I often tell… Continue reading XMAS Countdown: Oprah’s Favourite Things