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XMAS Countdown: A Muppet Family Christmas

Bold Statement: A Muppet Family Christmas is a true holiday classic and much better than The Muppets Christmas Carol. Basic premise: The gang all heads to Fozzie Bear's mother's house for the holidays.... but mom is off to Californa! So she rents it out to Doc and his dog, Sprocket, for a nice, quiet Christmas.… Continue reading XMAS Countdown: A Muppet Family Christmas

TV Reviews

XMAS Countdown: Oprah’s Favourite Things

Oprah's Favourite Things special was my favourite holiday tv tradition when I was a kid. Oprah was my favourite tradition in general when I was a kid - I used to rush home from school to watch her show every day. When people ask me what my dream job is in TV, I often tell… Continue reading XMAS Countdown: Oprah’s Favourite Things