Celebrate Pride Month with some of *my* personal favourites

My friend Jenn sent me a text this week with a blog post idea. She wanted me to do a post for Pride month and write a list of all my favourite shows that are created by, staring, or about 2SLGBTQ+ people.

Well Jenn this one is for you 🙂

I’m going to put a few conditions on this. Off the top, there are SO many shows out there that represent so many different people’s experiences. This list will not even scratch the surface with the offerings out there. Then, this is not a ‘best of’ list by any stretch, this is just ‘my personal favourites’ list. Just shows that I’ve personally enjoyed over the years.

I’d love to know what shows you love because I know there will be LOTS missing on this list.

I’m listing these shows out by where you can find them in Canada in June 2021 and I’m going to highlight shows that has that Canadians involved in the project as well. So hopefully we can support our local 2SLGBTQ+ creators. That being said – if you want to support the community in a more meaningful way, check out The 519. They do awesome work.

Let’s get into it…

Obviously we’re kicking this off with Schitt’s Creek. Yes you can watch Schitt’s on Netflix, but you have to watch it on it’s OG home – CBC. Created by and staring Dan Levy, this is just such a lovely show for so many reasons. That first season ‘I like the wine and not the label’ line will forever be iconic. Just so much to love about this show. If you haven’t watched it yet, give a whirl this June.

Plus there are SO many options of things to watch on Gem. They’ve put together a full collection here. My favourite has to be Take Me To Prom. It’s such a cute short doc and it will just make you smile.

I am a sucker for a feel good story and Queer Eye always works. The early seasons might have a bit more authenticity across the board, but the later seasons always have a few episodes each year that make me cry. I love them all, but I love Tan and Bobby the most and just wish they could come and re-do my house/closet. That’s all I want. Plus let’s give a shoutout to Canadian Antoni Porowski.

Out of the UK, Sex Education is another brilliant Netflix show that just makes you feel good. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this show. I am SO excited for the third season (whenever they finally release it).

I will ALWAYS rave about Derry Girls and their wee lesbian, Clare Devlin. It’s such a great show for so many reasons but I love Clare (and Nicola Coughlan) so much and for this post, it’s all about her. 10/10 go watch this.

I loved the first season of Elite. I loved it for so many reasons but I really loved the relationship between Omar and Ander. The later seasons get a bit crazy, but that first season is gold.

Some of my other favourite shows to check out include Grace and Frankie, Modern Family, Special and of course the old seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Bonus: this post is dedicated to Jenn and I know she loves this show… I’ve never seen One Day at a Time (I KNOW) but everyone LOVES this show. I’m confident that you can add this one to your list and that you’ll also love it.

Hayu has lots of fun stuff on it but one of my favourites is the original Queer Eye. It’s slightly dated now, but it’s still lots of fun. Everyone loves a makeover and it’s an easy watch.

Of course Hayu is all about reality TV and anything Andy makes it onto the list for me. From The Real Housewives to Below Deck, there is something for everyone. He knows how to make a good TV show and his reunions are legendary. I’m a huge fan and his stuff has gotten me through this crazy year.

For those wanting a bit more of a risqué show, you’ve got Naked Attraction. Let’s just say IYKYK.

Crave is currently the home to all the current Drag Race content. You’ve got the OG RuPaul’s Drag Race, but you also have all the spin offs: Down Under, UK and of course… Canada’s Drag Race.

My number one show to recommend to people who like competition reality shows and dating shows is Are You the One: Come One Come All. This was a special season of MTV’s Are You the One and it’s wild. You don’t have to have seen any other season of the show, just jump in here. The concept: everyone on the show has a perfect match, if they all end up with their perfect match at the end of the season they split the prize money; however obviously finding your perfect match is difficult, it’s made more difficult because everyone is fluid. Anyone could be anyone’s perfect match. It’s math, it’s dating, it’s competitive… it’s perfect TV.

As a Canadian I have to put this on the list, but again must confess I haven’t seen it but I know Jenn loves it… Wynonna Earp. I don’t know anything other than it’s a cult favourite that’s been saved from cancelation multiple times. People love it.

If High School Musical: The Musical: The Series has one thing on the OG, it’s it’s representation. The OG HSM didn’t have any out characters (even though some of them could/should have been). The new HSMTMTS does. It’s a joy. 10/10.

One of my all time favourite teen rom-coms is Love, Simon. It is perfect in so many ways and I can watch it over and over and over again. So I was thrilled when it got a spin off: Love, Victor. It’s just fun. New episodes are always coming out on Disney+ and it’s a nice Sunday night curl up and watch kind of show.

There are SO MANY shows I could have put on this list… what am I missing? Probably all of your favourites! This was just a quick list so tell me in the comments what I should add to my watch list 🙂

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