Weekly Wrap-up March 25, 2018

Yeah, we’ve got the usual pop culture stuff – Shawn Mendes has new music, SNL killed it this week, Mr. Rogers has a documentary – but this week also notes a moment in history. On Saturday hundreds of thousands of kids Marched for Their Lives and the parkland students were everywhere. I hope that we’ll look back on this week as the beginning of the end of mass shootings in the States. More on that later.


Shawn Mendes – In My Blood & Lost in Japan

Shawn Mendes fans everywhere get pumped because Shawn Mendes is releasing new music. It’s been two years since Illuminate his last album – and these song feel like he’s just that much older. We’ve got two songs: In My Blood and Lost in Japan… plus a whole bunch of press. These two songs are very different In My Blood is very personal. It’s quite dark however as he says, surprisingly upbeat! Being as low as he is, it’s not in his blood to give up. It’s an interesting song that I think is going to have a killer video. Lost in Japan is the opposite. It’s a love song – maybe more of a hookup song. It has a Charlie Puth vibe – which makes sense after they toured together last year. Personal favourite: Lost in Japan. I just like the smoothness of it. For Bonus – I tossed in a couple press stops for him: Elvis Durand and Zane Lowe. He can tell you himself about his new music and projects.

Migos – Walk It Talk It. Ft. Drake

Ok – let’s take a left turn here. Nothing could be more different from Shawn. Props to the art department – this is a great video. Jamie Fox has a great little cameo. The rollerskating great. The Drake bit – hilarious. Enjoy 🙂


Hamilton x Dear Evan Hanson for #MarchForOurLives

So Lin-Manuel Miranda aka Hamilton Creator/Star/All-around Super Star and Ben Platt aka Pitch Perfect’s Benji/Evan Hanson in Dear Evan Hanson TEAMED UP. We’ve got the dream collaboration of drama club nerd everywhere. It is amazing. But it’s spectacular when put in the context of the March For Our Lives movement Whenever I listen to this, I get chills. When they get to the line ‘Tomorrow there’ll be more of us’ – perfection.



Ellen – Tessa & Scott

I really wanted this to be amazing. I love Tessa and Scott. But this was slightly disappointing – but it wasn’t their fault – I blame Ellen. I don’t think that she really cared about them and it came across. Yes – I wanted her to push them about their relationship, however, I wanted her to go a bit deeper. I’m going to blame it on her being American and Tessa and Scott being Canadian. Ellen hasn’t been shipping this couple as long as we have. You watch her interviews with American athletes and she’s much more engaged. Oh well… chalk this down to reason #457 why we need a Canadian star system.


SNL – Canadian Harvey Weinstein.

Thank you Bill Hader for this gem. A little bit Minnesotan but otherwise this is great.

Pete Davison x Tan France

I adore the new Fab Five. Tan France is amazing – and this little moment with Pete Davidson is lovely. The makeover… not so much. BUT they tried! Gold star for trying.



The Mr. Rogers Doc

I was a big Mr. Rogers fan back in the day. I grew up on public TV – CBC, TVO and PBS. Mr. Roger’s was wonderful – I loved it when he put his sweater on and told us stories. A truly lovely person who was able to communicate with kids like no other. So when this trailer came out, I was trilled. I cannot wait to watch the full thing. As someone who has worked on children’s shows – this guy is the gold standard and I cannot wait to learn more.

Articles Worth a Read

Annie Leibovitz x Harry Potter

The 8th Harry Potter book aka The Cursed Child Play is coming to Broadway and Vogue gave it the royal treatment. Photos by Annie Leibovitz, a nice little artcile etc. Honestly, I’m not in love with the story in Cursed Child. I think it feels like badly written fanfiction – which makes sense considering J.K. Rowling didn’t write it. Regardless – I love Annie Leibovitz photography and I love Harry Potter so this is a lovely little Article. Read it here: https://www.vogue.com/article/harry-potter-broadway-vogue-april-2018

Time Cover Story – Never Again

Powerful cover – better article. These kids are amazing – read all about why here: http://time.com/longform/never-again-movement/?xid=homepage

Vanity Fair x Lena Waithe

I love Vanity Fair. Whenever I travel – it’s my number one must have. I just adore the articles, the photography and the overall tone of the magazine. However, this month marks the first time Graydon Carter  (Vanity Fair’s Editor in Cheif for 25 years) is not at the helm. Radhika Jones has taken over. This is her first cover – and first cover story. Lena Waithe is a game changer as detailed in her story – but so is Radhika Jones for choosing Lena to be on her first cover. If this is the direction the magazine is going – I’m here for it. Keep it up Radhika. You’re off to a fantastic start.  Read the full cover story here: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/03/lena-waithe-cover-story


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