What’s on my desk

Welcome to my workspace! I think a desk can tell you a lot about someone and my desk is no exception.

  1. Strong is the New Pretty by Kate T. Parker — One of the most incredible photography books out there. Inspiring, empowering, and just stunning. Buy a copy for yourself and another for any young women in your life.  Even the Spice Girls love this book.
  2. Top of the Rock: Inside the Rise and Fall of Must See TV  by Warren Littlefield — I read this book while I was at Humber and kept me focused on my goal of working in TV. I  highly recommend it to anyone who loves TV or  makes TV. It’s written in an oral history style, and it’s a fascinating read. From Cheers to ER this book covers the glory years at NBC.
  3. A Coal and Canary Candle — I love supporting Canadian companies. I do a lot of my shopping at the One of A Kind Show every year and I try to pick up a new candle from every year from a Canadian Maker.
  4. Photo of my friends and I sailing on Lake Wah-Wash-Kesh — Sailing was my favourite activity growing up at Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da. I loved how fast we could go when the wind picked up and how relaxing it could be on less windy days. On this particular sail,  I took out some friends that had never sailed before and it was a very memorable experience.
  5. The Queens and King’s of England — I picked up this postcard at the National Portrait Gallery in London. I could spend hours wandering around and looking at all the portraits, it is one of my favourite galleries in the world. I picked this one up because I love British History and I once met HRH Queen Elizabeth II.
  6. A photo from the time I ‘met’ Jay Leno — Just to be clear, I’ve never been on the Tonight Show or met Jay Leno – but Disney World had a green screen interaction where you could ‘be on the show’. I use this photo as motivation – I want to one day work on a Late night show and take a ‘real’ photo.
  7. A birch bark snow globe from the National Trust — I love winter camping and birch trees are my favourite. So this little snow globe just called me to me. Brings a little bit of the outdoors indoors.
  8. A King’s Crest — I’m a proud University of King’s College Alumni – in fact, I’m on the King’s Alumni Toronto committee. I took FYP, went to YAS Balls, hung out in Middle Bay and saw dozen of KTS plays in the Pit. I wore a robe, drank sherry and went to formal meals. I spent many, many nights in the Wardroom. I have so many fond memories and I’d highly recommend a liberal arts education to anyone.
  9. My Golden Cobden Award — At King’s I studied Journalism (I have BJH), and one of the traditions in your final year is to be given a Golden Cobden. Named after the late Michael Cobden, these are much like high school superlatives. Mine is for ‘Most likely to become a Paparazzi’ – fitting now that I work as a Photographer 🙂
  10. A 1992 World Champions Toronto Blue Jay Mug filled with Twinnings Earl Grey Tea —  This is the perfect combo. Tea and Baseball. I’m addicted to tea. Twinnings Earl Grey is up there as one of my favourite blends. Baseball has always been a massive part of my life – I played throughout my childhood and now I play with the Slug’ers in the CBC Softball League. The Jays have a special place in my heart and I always try to get to a game or two each year.
  11. A Gilmore Girls Print — Another find from the One of A Kind Show, and one that makes me very happy. I often talk in my blog about my love of Gilmore Girls. Check out the blog here.
  12. My Kikki K Planner — I’m a paper girl. Filofax or bust – probably because I love stationary, crafting and writing stuff down. I have a lot of things going on and this planner keeps me organized.
  13. My Mac — I’m a Mac gal… but an Android phone gal. Controversial, but it works for me 🙂

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