Year in Review

  • the best of 2022

    This year’s best list needs a bit of context. 2022 hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ll divide my year into two halves. The first half of the year was go-go-go. I was still working at SickKids on The Skoop and managing Still Standing‘s social media, I was deep into my first year of…

    the best of 2022

  • All the Shows I watched in 2021

    I watched a lot of TV in 2021. Not a much as in 2020, but still A LOT. Starting my MBA program this fall really put the breaks on how much stuff I watch… but I still managed to watch a lot. Here’s how this works. To make the list I needed to watch more…

    All the Shows I watched in 2021

  • All the books I read in 2021

    Well, it’s that time again. Time for the lists! I’ve got two for you – books and TV shows. But we’re starting with Books. Books I read in 2021 This list goes in order of how much I liked the books from worst to best. GMAT – The Official Guide – Boring. But read the…

    All the books I read in 2021

  • Year in Review 2020: TV Shows

    I have watched a lot of TV this year. When people say that they’ve ‘finished Netflix’… I get it. I often joke that watching TV for me is “professional development” or “research”. In many ways it is – I try really hard to keep up with trends in my industry and watch as many shows…

    Year in Review 2020: TV Shows

  • Year in Review 2020: Books

    This blog is pretty much exclusively about visual content – television predominantly with a mix of movies, music videos, and other screen-based things. However today I want to talk about books! I’d consider myself a reader. I pretty much always have a book on the go and I’d say I’d average a book every other…

    Year in Review 2020: Books

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