Halloween Watch List 2021

Happy Halloween All! Hopefully this weekend you’ve got some exciting plans, but with the pandemic still in effect, sitting at home and watching some Halloween content while eating a box of mini candies might be wise.

I’m writing up a quick post to share some of my favourite Halloween movies and shows to watch this year. We’ll break it down by where to find these on streaming services in Canada.

This is by no means an exhaustive list – just some of my favourites 🎃


Realistically Disney+ is the place to be on Halloween Weekend.

Settle in with any classic Disney movie and focus on the villains this Halloween. They have conveniently curated a ‘Villians Collection‘ on the homepage so this will be easy to find. Plus now Disney is expanding into villain origin stories with movies like Cruella and Maleficent, and the ever-popular Descendants series.

As a Sanderson – I have to tell you to watch Hocus Pocus.

Plus you’ve got classics like Muppets Haunted Mansion, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Halloweentown series.

There are just so many good bets here from murder shows (Criminal Minds) to kids shows (iZombie) to classics like Buffy. Just trust me and turn on Disney+


I’m just going to link you to Crave’s Creepy Cravings Collection. They’ve got movies, curated TV shows, and all sorts of goodies.

Shows like True Blood, Twin Peaks, Six Feet Under, classic movies like Psyco, The Shinning, Blair Witch plus new movies like The Witches, The Addams Family – Crave has a good collection this year.


If you want a true crime story – Netflix is the place to be. There are too many to choose from, all creepy, all terrifying. 10/10. A great seasonal choice.

They also have the perfect Halloween shows like Sabrina and Stranger Things.


Gem is home to the mysteries – Murdoch Mysteries, Sherlock, Ripper Street. There is also a great collection of period dramas if you want some good costume inspiration.

Gem also has a decent kid’s collection of Halloween shows this year.


I’m going to be a bit cheeky with these picks.

Let’s be honest – the women on The Real Housewives are always dressing up. Maybe not technically for Halloween but it’s still scary. You can also check in on Kim and Kyle after watching them on Disney+ in Halloweentown.

If you are more into Zombies – check out Botched. Terrible plastic surgery. Also scary.

Let me know what you end up watching 🙂

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