Fearless: Ranking the Re-records

Today we’re talking about Fearless. I’d call this the ‘classic’ of Taylor’s albums. It put her on a map and captures a very specific period of time.

This is the album that took me from casual fan to huge fan. I know the majority of the words to the majority of the song on this album. I know how to play 75% of them on the guitar because I learned how to play guitar so I could play this album at camp. So huge fan.

I’m going to get controversial here and RANK every song from worst to best song on this album. Let the record show that Taylor’s “worst” song is fantastic. There are just BETTER songs.

I’m also going to put the new songs in their own category at the end. We need to discuss them separately.

Lastly – if you disagree let me know 🙂 I love talking about this stuff. Drop a comment or send me a message.

Okay – Hit play and let’s get to it.

Confession… I forgot about this song. I’m going to have to spend time with it this weekend. I know it will grow on me. Personally I think some of the vault songs are better than this… so I don’t know why such a forgettable song ended up on the album and those other ones got cut. 😬 I know people love this… so someone show me the light.

Come in With the Rain
This was another forgotten song… but as soon as I hit play I remembered it. I know this one’s ranking will end up in the middle, I just need more time with it.

You’re Not Sorry
Meh. This has always been a a skip for me. Not because it’s bad but because I want to get to the other songs.

White Horse
I loved this song, but I now associate this song with someone who I don’t want to remember. I can’t listen to it without getting sad (and not in a good way). It’s heartbreaking because I loved it so much.

I completely forgot about this song, but I LOVE this one. My only question is: WHO IS THIS ABOUT?! I’m going to be spending the weekend googling this one. It’s my top “want to talk about” song.

Hey Stephen
Great song. Her adult laugh in this re-record. PEAK. Love it. ALSO. The Arkells just chucked up a mini cover and now I want a FULL cover.

This is a 2008 song. The rock vibes here fit into what was extremely popular at the time. I’d love to hear a Nickelback cover of this song…

Tell Me Why
This is a great song. The chorus particularly is great and the banjo between the chorus and the verses… Obsessed.. “You could write a book on how to ruin someone’s day”. Into it.

The Other Side of the Door
This song wrecks me.

Jump then Fall
“Every time you shine, I’ll shine for you” enough said.

The Way I Loved You
This is a song that grows on you the more you listen to it. In the OG Fearless era this was not on my radar. Today – I’m obsessed. I can’t wait to drive around blasting this. It just fits into the Taylor Cinematic Universe in the best possible way.

The title track will always feel like credits rolling for me. I don’t know why, but it just has that ‘I’m a Main Character’ vibe. There is nothing better than driving down a highway listening to this song blasting and singing along. That being said — I will always associate this song with a group of campers I knew from Ooch, and one specific camper that passed away in 2015. This song was their favourite song and whenever I think of this song I think of them. 💛

Breathe (featuring Colbie Caillat)
I first heard this song at camp – but not the original. The boys at camp played it at a staff talent show and I instantly fell in love. Instantly added it to a bunch of mixed CDs. Instantly wanted to learn how to play it myself. Just loved it. In the era of re-records, I hope this inspires a Coblie Caillat revival. I now want to go listen to Bubbly.

Forever & Always
Both the OG and the piano version are 10/10 songs for me. It’s full of Disney Drama and I’m obsessed. Made me hate Joe Jonas for a few years.

Today Was a Fairytale
My Valentine’s Day routine always includes the movie, Valentine’s Day. This song plays at the end and I always cry. It’s an annual routine and I love it. She was such a bad actor in this movie but I loved it so much. It just was so endearing. We also got a lot of great songs because of this project… cue Back to December.

The Best Day
I sing this to my campers ALL the time. I love this song so much. It just feels like a precursor to Speak Now which is my favourite Taylor album. It’s her personal storytelling that gets me. I just think it’s so lovely. It’s not one that I add to playlists for parties – but one that I listen to by myself all the time. It’s perfect.

The thing about Taylor Swift being two years older and releasing albums on a two year cycle in those early years was that she would write songs about being a teenager when we were teenagers. I loved this song so much. It’s one of my favourites to scream sing along to. This might have been the first song I learned how to play on the guitar because I was a melodramatic teen. Embrace your inner 15 year old and dance around your room when the night ends.

Love Story
I cannot NOT sing this song when I’m on a canoe trip. It’s a mandatory sing-a-long song. It’s cheesy AF but it makes everyone smile who listens to it. It’s an instant mood booster. I want to wear a ballgown and run through fields while listening to this song. Plus that Ryan Reynolds ad… ugh. I love Love Story in this era.

You Belong with Me
MY FAVOURITE FAVOURITE FAVOURITE song. I felt this song SO hard so many times as a teenager. It’s relatable Taylor at her finest. I could write an ESSAY on this. I just love love love love this song. Plus – it was the song that the campers re-wrote for us. Cue instant happy tears every time I listen to this song.

OK let’s talk VAULT SONGS.

They are all breakup songs. WHO HURT HER?! Joe… but I mean who else? As a collection, I understand why she couldn’t have all of these on her album in 2008, but I’m SO glad we get them all in 2021. We all need a good cry and I can imagine crying to every single one of these songs. I’m very into it. If anything these new songs have peaked my curiosity about future vault songs from other albums. I’m honestly so excited for this re-record era in general.

You All Over Me (featuring Maren Morris)
I love this song. It is so catchy. I’ve been jamming it to all week. I wish Maren Morris had a verse and wasn’t just doing backing vocals, but I’ll take what I can get. It’s a great song.

Mr. Perfectly Fine

I’m here for any Joe Jonas slander and this song is way too catchy for it’s own good. It’s a bop. If she’s still got deeply personal songs in her vault… omg. I cannot WAIT for the Jake songs from Red or more Harry songs from 1989. I’ll TAKE ALL THE DRAMA SONGS. Give them to me. Honestly ALL her ex’s should all be thinking this:

We Were Happy

With all the circus imagery, I wonder if she was hoping to put this out with Red. I’m into this song. It’s a good melodramatic cry song. I love the Keith Urban backing vocals on this. I’m just very into it.

That’s When (featuring Keith Urban)

This is an amazing song. I feel like a lot of her vault songs were sad/slow songs so I get why she could only have so many on her album in 2008, but this is SO GOOD. I love it so much. I cannot wait to hear this song in a movie/tv show etc. It’s just got that cinematic feel to it. Ugh. I’m obsessed.

Don’t You
The lyrics on this one WRECKED me. That bridge into the chorus: “And you can say, “We’re still friends” / I don’t wanna pretend / So if I see you again / Don’t you (Don’t you) / Don’t you smile at me and ask me how I’ve been.” YES Taylor. I feel 18. lol.

Bye Bye Baby
Any song she writes about driving makes me extremely happy. Drive away girl – drive away the pain. Again – this feels like it could end up in a TV show and I cannot wait to see how it gets used.

So. Tell me ALL YOUR thoughts 🙂 How are we feeling about this album? What’s your favourite song? Any fun easter eggs found in the new songs? TELL ME ALL.

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