What to watch while social distancing: Crave

Oh hey fellow #socialdistancers – how is Covid-19 treating all of you today? I’ve got another list of great shows/movies to watch while in this time of isolation.

This time I’m looking at Crave. I actually love Crave – after Netflix, it’s my go-to to find great content. I think it’s got fantastic movies and some gems in the HBO collection.

Like yesterday – I’ve broken shows down by vibe, basic plot, and why that show/movie is great for quarantine. Let me know what you end up watching 🙂


Vibe: Musical What-If
Basic Plot: Jack Malik gets hit by a bus in a random blackout and wakes up as the only person who ever has ever heard of the Beatles. He then starts performing their songs to great success only to have an ethical crisis. Ed Sheeran is also in this as himself and tries to argue that he’s a better songwriter. lol.
Why it’s great for Quarantine: If you’re stuck with your family, your parents will love this. It’s just a ‘fun’ movie. Don’t take it too seriously – just enjoy it.

Can You Ever Forgive Me
Vibe: Melissa McCarthy not being funny.
Basic Plot: A true story about a writer is frustrated with her life and decides to forge and sell letters by deceased celebrities. It’s equally fun and depressing to watch her escapades.
Why it’s great for Quarantine: At least your life is better than that of the main character of this movie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Also McCarthy got nominated for an Oscar for this role and we love her.

Ocean’s 8
Vibe: All your favourite people breaking the rules
Basic Plot: All your favourite kick ass ladies, lead by Sandra Bullock (the queen among us), come up with a plot to steal a necklace at the MET Ball. Hijinks ensue.
Why it’s great for Quarantine: You have a lot of time on your hands and not much to do – much like how Sandy had lots of time on her hands while she was in jail. Now is the time to plan your own heist and this will give you lots of ideas/inspo.

Sex and the City
Vibe: Sexy New York Singles Bitching.
Basic Plot: Four friends gather and talk about their very activite dating lives.
Why it’s great for Quarantine: You are not allowed to go out on the town, go on dates, or have brunch with your galpals. But you can live vicariously through these women. Plus you need a laugh and it’s the late 90s so you’ll have a few.

30 Rock
Vibe: Screwball workplace comedy
Basic Plot: Liz Lemon (aka me) runs a ‘SNL’ style show. She deals with the network, the talent, writers, and jr PAs. She’s my hero.
Why it’s great for Quarantine: Well none of us who work in production are working and probably won’t be for a while. Might as well watch a show about making a show and get excited about heading back into the production biz when we emerge from this. Also – please watch this show and let me know if you agree with the popular opinion that I am Liz Lemon or if you disagree and why.

Four Weddings and a Funeral (the mini-series)
Vibe: 10 hour rom-com
Basic Plot: Four American friends live bougie lives in London – which means they all have complicated love lives with hot British people. Executive Produced by Mindy Kaling and Richard Curtis it is an epic rom-com.
Why it’s great for Quarantine: You just want to turn off all this chatter about covid-19, you want to jump into the world of your favourite rom-coms and just escape – Four Weddings and a Funeral is the ultimate rom-com. It is a 10 hour extravaganza with rom-com references galore. Come for Ainsley’s wardrobe stay for DJ-Foreplay’s obsession with Love Chalet (you’ll understand soon).

The Newsroom
Vibe: You’ll quit your day job to become a Journalist
Basic Plot: Anchor Will McAvoy and executive producer MacKenzie McHale, are the best team in the biz telling the stories America needs to know on Atlantis Cable News (ACN) . Each episode focuses on a different real life news event in a scripted ‘don’t you wish they covered it that way’ style.
Why it’s great for Quarantine: You’re watching a lot of the news – time to switch off the real thing and turn to these fictional journalists to get a look at what is probably happening behind the scenes in newsrooms across the world currently. Plus you’ll end up thinking about the way McAvoy and McHale would have covered Covid-19.

Killing Eve
Vibe: Female Assassins play Cat and Mouse.
Basic Plot: Sandra Oh plays Eve – a MI5 agent who tries to take down Villanelle (Jodie Comer). Shit gets real fast as they chase each other across countries.
Why it’s great for Quarantine: We stan Phoebe Waller-Bridge and this is my personal fav of her work. Sandra wins a Emmy for this role, Jodie wins an emmy for this role. It’s just perfection and as you sit at home doing nothing – might as well escape into this killer world.

The Royals
Vibe: The Royal Family meets E! meets your favourite Soap Opera
Basic Plot: A fictional modern British royal family has a succession crisis – but really the show is about Royals behaving badly. Expect lots of parties, drugs, and hookups.
Why it’s great for Quarantine: While the real royal family has their Megxit/Harryxit – you’ll have a laugh watching this fictional royal family implode as well. But really… we all loved William Moseley as Peter in Narnia – in this show he’s all grown up and plays a sexy prince. This is pure trash – and maybe you need that.

Veronica Mars
Vibe: Smart/Sarcastic teen detective
Basic Plot: Each episode Kristin Bell aka Veronica Mars solves crimes at Neptune High but also chips away at a larger season long mystery. It’s a show where smart girls win, fitting in isn’t important and backup is adorable.
Why it’s great for Quarantine: With all these smart girls saving the world right now – looking at you Dr. Theresa Tam – you’ll be inspired by Veronica. This might be a re-watch for you, but have you seen the 4th?! Season? I got distracted when it first came out and I’m excited to catch up on it. PLUS – I really need some people to debate team Jason, team Piz or my personal fav… team leo 😉

Band of Brothers
Vibe: Epic War Drama
Basic Plot: We follow “Easy” Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, of the 101st Airborne Division from training into war during WWII.
Why it’s great for Quarantine: Besides being one of the greatest mini series of all time – you’ve probably seen the meme going around saying “Elders were called into war to save lives. We are being called to sit on the couch to save theirs.” After watching our elders go into war – you’ll be very glad you are on your couch and you will want to stay there forever. It will be the guilt trip you need.

Drunk History
Vibe: Drunk funny people talking about history.
Basic Plot: Each episode, funny people get drunk and tell us about historical events while famous actors act out the stories. It’s great.
Why it’s great for Quarantine: We are all living through a historic event and I’ve seen your stashes from the LCBO runs you’ve done. This is your life right now. Drunk + History. You’ll get very into it.


Come back tomorrow for my list of things to watch on Prime 🙂

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