The history of the Jonas Brothers in anticipation of Sucker

If you are anything like me, you love a good boy band.

You probably have a favourite, you have probably argued with someone about why that boy band is the best, and which member of that boy band is the best. Whether it is NKOTB, Take That, Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, One Direction, PrettyMuch, or BTS – you appreciate the art form.

Today – we’re talking about the boyband of my high school years – The Jonas Brothers.

Active from 2005-2013 this band defined my years at summer camp. From posters of them in the cabin to attending Martha MacDonald’s annual Sr. Section Joe Jonas Birthday Party (complete with pin the purity ring on the JoBro) to rewriting song lyrics for the end of summer banquet. To cement the love in the heart of every camp girl – they even made a movie about camp: Camp Rock. Although they are no One Direction (my all time fav), I have a VERY soft spot in my heart for this band.

Today they announced their reunion – and a new single will be dropping tomorrow called Sucker.

It has been a while since the BAND was together and thus let’s review those years:

Coming on to the scene with their debut album It’s About Time, the JoBros had a slow start.

Their first single Mandy was trash:

But you know that’s ok. They were kind of cute so we gave them a chance aka Disney channel was invested and they really rammed them down our throats until we fell in love.

For most of us, Year 3000 was the first song of note. The first song that actually caught our attention in a positive way. It’s a Busted song – another classic boy band via the UK. But the JoBros brought this song to America.

Lyrics in this song include references to the boy’s 7th album. At Sucker – we’re at Album 6. So with this reunion, we still have hope for that 7th album to come true.

In August 2007 (see the summer theme here), we got Jonas Brothers their self-titled 2nd album. This is when the JoBros hit their stride. They got their first top-twenty hit in the United States with S.O.S.

S.O.S. is a smash:

The final song from Jonas Brothers released as a single was When You Look Me In The Eyes. Note the 2008 hair and the moody ‘we’re famous but sensitive’ black and white video. It’s a rock ballad desperate to be a modern Aerosmith song ala I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.

Then we really get into PEAK JoBros. In 2008 we were #Blessed with A Little Bit Longer. Lead single Burning Up had all the high school girls burning up the dance floor at their semis.

True stroy – The album was number 40 on Rolling Stone’s Best 50 Albums of 2008. I’m going to bet it was all because of this next song.

Lovebug to this day is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE Jonas Brother Song. It is such a jam. That retro-cool vibe of the song and the video – it is a timeless hit. This is the ultimate dock chill song:

Let’s also note that Camilla Belle stars in the LoveBug video. Who is Camilla Belle? Oh, just the girl Joe Jonas broke up with Taylor Swift for. So yeah. As you may remember, Taylor and Joe were dating in the Fearless era and we got Forever & Always because of this terrible breakup. Plus bonus points if you remember that she wrote Better Than Revenge about how much she doesn’t like Belle. It was great drama and we all lived for it:

Speaking of Girl Drama and the JoBros. While Joe was making Taylor mad. Nick was making Miley mad. Remember when Miley and Nick dated. This was very much a Disney Romance and most of us were here for it:

When they broke up Miley gifted us with this gem. It made all of our little high school hearts swell… ‘You make me love you…”:

As much as we all wanted them to get married, Miley and Nick both got married this year to different people. But before we move on. I need to plug this DEEP youtube fanvid about how much we wanted them to get married:

Ok. Moving on …

2008 also #Blessed us with Camp Rock.

Let’s acknowledge this for a few reasons. 1 – a movie about camp really made a lot of happy. 2 – it was filmed in Ontario at camp Kilcoo (shoutout to all my Kilcoo friends). 3 – this is where Demi met the JoBros and a long term friendship was formed.

It had a decent soundtrack but sadly was overshadowed in Disney OG Movie fame by High School Musical which was released the next year.

In 2009 leading up to their 4th Album Lines, Vines and Trying Times, the band got with the zeitgeist and released this little fanvid:


Along with Lines, Vines and Trying Times 2009 gifted us with Jonas. The JoBro TV show. It was awful:

They took a bit of a break and randomly dropped Pom Poms in 2013. It was fine but lacked that LoveBug spark:

They also released First Time which to be honest I hadn’t heard about until doing my research for this little post. I think this song is shit and that is probably why they decided to call it quits and work on their solo stuff:

Solo JoBros has been great.

Nick has had some fire songs:

Joe with DNCE has done well:


Let’s get this JOBRO reunion back. I need more music for my camp playlists:

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