Weekly Wrap Up – July 15

I have been awful at keeping these up to date. It’s been two of these in a row that I’ve missed! To my 10 readers… I’m so sorry 🙂


PRETTYMUCH – Summer on You.

This is a fun summer song written by Ed Sheeran for all of us to enjoy. Watch Zion get accepted into Carlton University – with a scholarship 🙂 (Fun fact – the first university to accept me was Carlton University… with a scholarship. I ended up going to King’s but Carlton will hold a special place in my heart for being the first to say yes.)

Shad – The Fool

I can’t help but smile my whole way through this video. I adore Shad and I think he’s doing great things.

Francis and The Lights

He is a recent discovery of mine which is awful because he is so good. I may have listened to this song on repeat for the whole week. Chance is stellar, the video is amazing – and the song could be someone’s wedding song. Enjoy.

Three Lions

Oh England. You were so close. That goal by Trippier – amazing. Yet you are so, so far.

I feel for you. As a Toronto Maple Leaf fan, I get it. You’ll get them one year. The Cubs finally won their cup, so will you.


The Favourite

I’m so fascinated by this. It feels like a high brow historical drama filmed with GoPros which what sparks my fascination. Bonus points for Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn and Emma Stone.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser

Into this. Shannon Purser is for sure the ‘it girl’ of the moment and I’m not complaining. With credits like Stranger Things, Rise and Riverdale – this is a girl who deserves her own leading lady moment. I’m not into catfishing – but I feel like a lot of girls can relate to the Sierra character. I’m excited to watch this on a rainy Sunday.


Internet Things

Harvard Grad Speaker

Commencement addresses are hard to get right. You need to hit a very specific tone that will engage the grads, parents and faculty. So when it’s done well – it’s spectacular. Pete Davis’s Harvard address is spectacular – probably why he’s graduating from Harvard. It’s smart, funny and poignant. One of the best I’ve heard.

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