Top Ten – Harry Styles

Ladies and Gents – tonight I’m seeing the one and only Harry Styles and I am PUMPED.

In honour of this momentous moment – are 10 of my favourite Harry moments:

Girl Crush

His BBC Special was amazing – but this cover is one of my all-time favourite covers he does. Sure The Chain is great. Four Five Seconds was wonderful. But Girl Crush is the one for me.

Two Ghosts

My favourite song off his debut album – but more specifically this recording of the song. He changes the tune a few times and I like this SO much better than the original. Plus the doc that this comes from was 10/10.


I would love to play Bingo with Harry and a bunch of seniors. This is just pure magic. Just a wonderful wonderful moment.

Chelsea One Word Interview

While promoting Dunkirk, Harry did an interview with Chelsea Handler and whenever I need a laugh – I rewatch this. Fun fact – he has four nipples.


He’s not just a pop star ok. He’s also in a major motion picture with Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy. So there. We always knew he had star quality – now everyone else does too 😉

Heart Rate Monitor

The original Heart Rate Monitor. Nick Grimshaw always has the insight track. He has the guts to ask him about Zayn (aka the one that left the band). He asked about Camille Rowe – who he was dating at this point. Then the best parts – when his heart rate goes up for Gosling and Chelsea Boots – me too Harry.

One Direction: This Is Us

The other This Is Us that makes me cry. You can watch both This is Us and One Direction This is Us on Netflix. They both are wonderful – but watching Harry hang out with the ladies from the bakery will always win my heart.

Tattoo Roulette

Harry famously has a lot of tattoos – what’s one more? Watch this for James and Niall squirming.

What Makes You Beautiful

The OG Harry Styles single. It was great then, it’s amazing now. Specifically look at Harry’s hair. It’s peak 2011.

Carpool Karoke

I just love James and Harry together. There is a phenomenal backstory to why their relationship is so strong

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