Weekly Wrap-Up April 29th

Oh hey everyone. Welcome back to another week of pop culture moments that have made me excited. This week we’ve got a couple of country music videos that are making me think, a few movie trailers making waves, a new carpool Karaoke and other Cordon Fun, plus a whole bunch of random moments that I’m struggling to sum up into a theme. Like always – send me a note and let me know what you’re into 🙂


Jake Owen- I Was Jack (You Were Diane)

So there is a lot to unpack in this video. First off, Jake Owen has taken one of my all-time favourite songs – Jack and Diane by John Cougar Mellencamp – and has created basically a fan tribute to it. Then he made a short film in the middle of the music video. I’m currently debating if this is an ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ or if it’s just a ‘it’s so bad.’ What do you think? Too much or perfect for the country scene?

Walmart Yodeling Kid has a new song!

The Walmart Yodeling Kid (I’ve put the original below) has a new song! Famous by Mason Ramsey first came up on my Spotify and I didn’t know it was the Yodeling Kid and I really liked it and then when I looked up who Mason Ramsey was I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was the Yodeling Kid! Could he be the Justin Beiber of the Country scene? Maybe 🙂

George Ezra – Shotgun on Sounds Like Friday Night

BBC Music has a really interesting show with Sounds Like Friday Night. George Ezra was on this week singing his song Shotgun – which is one of my favourites from his album. I challenge anyone to listen to this and not smile.


Crazy Rich Asians

I love a good rom-com and I feel like this one is going to be great. I’m a big fan of the ‘rich-guy with the girl from the wrong side of the tracks’ trope and this totally fits into what I like.The book Crazy Rich Asians is a best seller. We haven’t had a massive rom-com in a while and this has the potential to be a massive smash. Plus add in this little fun fact from ABC News – “It’s been 25 years since a major Hollywood studio released an English-language film with a primarily Asian cast.” – we need to make this a smash.

Adventures in Public School

This is a great little Canadian film that everyone should check out. It’s in theatres this week for a limited run. Go support Canadian Film. It’s important. This one is locally developed, funded, filmed and released. A massive feat in our industry. Bonus points for having a wonderful story idea. I work with a few home school kids – and a wack of public school kids and this concept makes me smile. I cannot wait to watch it.


Calling all wannabe directors – check out this fantastic series from Vanity Fair’s youtube. Film VIPs break down their scenes and explain why they did what they did to create the moments we all know and love. This week Grease’s Director Randal Kleiser breaks down You’re The One That I Want – it’s amazing.


James Cordon Fun!

Crosswalk the Musical: The Sound of Music AND Christina Aguilera Carpool Karaoke! Then you took all the Stars on a Stars Stars tour! It’s been a big week for The Late Late Show with James Cordon – they had a primetime special and we get all the fun stuff. This musical number was amazing. Please do Hairspray next. The Carpool Karaoke was solid – but I want a carpool with Beyonce. But it was The Stars Stars tour that stole the week. It was so wonderful – I couldn’t help but smile throughout. The highlight for me was 100% the stop into the comic book store.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 3!

OK THIS HAS TO HAPPEN. Sisterhood Everlasting aka the 5th book would make an incredible movie.  Please make this – I will go and cry in the theatre and just be so overwhelmed with joy that this fantastic group of women are reunited.

Patton Oswalt on the Golden State Killer

Big news this week for Californa – they finally caught the Golden State Killer. But it was even bigger news for AP Bio’s Patton Oswalt. His late wife, Michelle McNamara, wrote a book about the Golden State Killer and Oswalt worked to get it published after her death. It is an incredible story and he tells it on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The Break with Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf has had a week. Hosting the correspondence dinner and delivering a monologue filled with controversy ✔. Releasing a trailer to your new show ✔.

I’m pumped to see where she goes – she’s a bright light in this industry and I cannot wait to see how her career takes off.

Britain’s Got Talent – Simon’s Golden Buzzer

I love a good kid talent (exhibit a – Walmart yodel kid). In this case, we’ve got a Dad-Son combo that is gold. The judges cry. I cried. It is just a wonderful little moment. It’s the harmonies, the duelling guitars, and just the pure joy these two clearly have while they perform together. I also get a lot of joy from watching Simon Cowell’s smile grow as he realizes that he’s just discovered his latest cash cow. It’s a fun moment.


The Parkland Yearbook

This isn’t the first video I’ve seen on the Parkland Yearbook kids – but I really wanted to put this in this week because I was a yearbook kid. I took media arts and yearbook and just loved the whole process of capturing a moment. I’ll attribute my love of documenting the world to my time on the NT Pentagon. So I understand what these kids are doing and why it’s so imporant. I’m sending them all my good vibes.

RIP Royal Corgis.

I love a good Royal Corgi – they fill me with a lot of joy. Everytime the Queen would walk into a room, a corgi (or pack of corgis) would follow. There was something deeply humanizing about the fact that she loved her dogs. So I was very sad to hear that this wonderful tradition had ended. TIME put together a wonderful little tribute to her relationship with the dogs over the years.

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