Weekly Wrap-Up April 22nd 2018

In music, Ariana Grande is back. Boybands (current and former) continue to capture my interest.  We’ve got new movie trailers for the Incredibles, a Cillian Murphy romance movie, and a new Netflix movie about a debate club. In TV news we’ve got new seasons of old classics. Plus the internet really showed up with lots of clips worth talking about. Let me know what stood out for you this week 🙂


Ariana Grande – No Tears Left To Cry

This is the first song Ariana Grande has released since the May 2017 bombings – and clearly is about overcoming this tragedy.  That event will mark her career forever, but how she has chosen to respond to it has been pure class and maturity. Her benefit concert was outstanding. This song is the perfect comeback. I cannot wait to hear what the rest of her album sounds like.

ZAYN – Let Me

So I have a very strong grudge against ZAYN aka Zain Malik. He didn’t really leave One Direction in the best way… and then he broke up with Perry Edwards in the same week. Not a fan.

However… this is really good. I’m really mad that it’s a Zayn song because I don’t want to like him. The music video isn’t great (win) but the song is solid. I cannot stop listening to it. It is a jam. 


It used to be like bye bye bye. I CAN’T. All of my boy band dreams came true with this song. I cried when I first heard this song. It was a crappy tour video and I’ve been waiting for them to release the studio version.  I’m pumped.

Sugarland – Babe ft Taylor Swift

TAYLOR SWIFT HAS NEW COUNTRY MUSIC. Thank the Grand Ole Opry gods – because Taylor’s country stuff has always been my favourite. This song was co-written by the lead from Train and was allegedly going to be on Red, but didn’t make the cut. Using our deductive skills – this song was written around the time of her relationship Harry Styles and thus could be about him. Other people think this song is about Calvin Harris. Really – I don’t care. I’m just so glad we’re getting country Taylor.

James Bay – Us

Ok James Bay… maybe your new stuff will work out. This feels more like you. This feels more like what I want. Also, I recently found out that James Bay uses a Frank Brothers Guitar – aka a Canadian made guitar, so bonus points for him 🙂

Anne-Marie 2002

When Anne-Maria partners with Ed Sheeran they create fire and 2002 is no exception. I cannot help but smile throughout this entire song. I just want to sing along and dance around my living room. Anne-Marie and I are the same age, so when she talks about being 11 in 2002 – I was too. I have the same musical memories of dancing around to the songs referenced in this video – which is probably why I love this so SO much.


Britain’s Got Talent is Back!

The BEST talent show in the world is back and back with a vengeance. The first golden buzzer of the 2018 season is a MUST watch. I cannot wait to follow along with this show and see who wins it all this season.

Chef’s Table: Pastry – Milk Bar

I recently listened to the Hollywood Reporter’s Award Chatter Podcast with Netflix’s Lisa Nishimura – VP of original documentary and comedy programming. The conversation about her career was fascinating but listening to her talk about the food section of documentaries was incredible. Listen to this interview and then watch Chef’s Table and you’ll understand why Netflix is making waves in this industry.

“Americans” on Bachelor in Paradise Australia

WHY?! Canadian Daniel is a) not American and b) please don’t make him be the Canadian representative. This is just an awful combination.  I watched Sophie Monk’s bachelorette season and I fell in love with the guys on that show. They are so much better than Daniel and yet they all panic when he shows up. I’m just beyond disapointed in the casting team here.

Thomas Middleditch on The Bachelor

My favourite Canadain Bachelor superfan Thomas Middleditch was on Ellen and talked about why he thinks the Bachelor is the best show ever. I love that he’s a fan. I also have strong feelings about this show. I feel like Thomas and I would have a great conversation about this if we met.


Incredibles Official Trailer #2

I cannot wait for this to come out. Just counting down the days.

The Delinquent

Cillian Murphy Alert! Not so sure how I feel about this movie – but I do know how I feel about Cillian Murphy. I adore him. So here’s hoping this movie is solid. Can’t wait for the Netflix release.

Candy Jar

Paris Gellar has met her debating match. I love movies about nerds. I feel like this is the kind of world I occupied in high school rather than the party kids that often make up high school movies. I talk fast but these kids talk fast and I’m very much here for it. I cannot wait to watch this and see where this movie goes.


Humboldt Broncos Oral History

Probably the best-written article I’ve read about the crash last week. I cannot recommend it enough, but have to add a warning that it is very difficult to read.



Liam Payne Goes Sneaker Shopping

So this is a great little web series. It feels very similar to Hot Ones to me, but instead of chicken, we’re talking sneakers. I’ve seen a few episodes here and there but this one really bothers me. Liam. Stop trying to be someone you are not. You are trying very hard to be ‘cool’. You’re a dad. Why are you buying shoes with fire extinguisher tags and wearing pjs and a murse. Please go back to this look:

David Hogg x Vox

Teenagers are impressive. It’s why I spend so much time with them as a volunteer. But David Hogg takes it to another level and has a level of resiliency you don’t often see in teens. This is a wonderful piece by Vox about the onslaught of negativity he has dealt with since the Parkland shooting.

Bon Appetit Test Kitchen

This was my weekly youtube rabbit hole. I started with this because I wanted to make it, but then watched video after video from the test kitchen and now want to cook everything. I want to be able to whip up meals like these editors can. Perhaps this summer I’ll sign up for cullinary school… or just watch more BA videos and cook along with them.

Alexis Jones Ted ‘Locker Room’ Talk

This is an oldie – but so solid.  Alexis Jones really hits the nail on the head here. To go into Division One locker rooms and talk about women’s issues is a game changer. I’m very interetsted in learning more about her.

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