Weekly Wrap-up April 1st

This was a great week for pop-culture. In music the Juno awards kicked off the week, Jesse McCartney tried a comeback, Charlie Puth joined up with James Taylor for a 2018 protest song. Teenage TV both new and old had me joining the legions of fangirls. Then the internet really showed up with some phenomenal digital shorts.


Juno Awards!

The Canadian music industry is doing really well right now. We’ve got a deep bench of talent and the Juno awards are always a lovely tribute to all the up-and-comers and the legends of Canadian music. However, year-after-year that middle band – the established megastars don’t show up. No Drake, Beiber, Mendes, Cara, Rae, Weekend… the list goes on. So I love that Buble took a crack at this at the end of his monologue. However – let’s focus in on the people who were there. Jessie Reyez and Daniel Caesars had a killer duet that showcases the kind of music that Canada is making now; while The Barenaked Ladies reunited with Steven Page for their Hall of Fame induction. I know quite a few people who worked on this show on the production side – so here’s an added Kudos to how smooth the broadcast went. Great job everyone 🙂

Leavin’ x Jesse McCartney

I used to love Jesse McCartney. Beautiful Soul will always have a special place in my life. However – Leavin’ was the song the August CITs of 2008 did our camp dance to and for that – it holds the number one spot in my Jesse McCartney rankings. I don’t love new Jesse McCartney. He went on Instagram a while ago and talked about how he felt like he deserved to put his chair back on an airplane and that was my deal breaker. However.. He’s got a new song out this week so he stopped by Elvis Duran to promote it and gave us this gem so I’ll enjoy this little nostalgia trip.

Change x Charlie Puth feat. James Taylor

Charlie Puth is collaborating with JAMES TAYLOR. I love it – and it is so timely. On Twitter and Instagram Charlie said, “This song is dedicated to all of the Parkland students, any lives lost to senseless gun violence, and the world.” He’s released a studio track and video from his performance at the LA March For Our Lives both are great in their own ways.


Lili and Cole

I love teen girls. Especially teen fangirls. I just get them. I respect them and think that they have an unbelievable amount of power. Today in fangirl news – a Riverdale fangirl, decked out in her best south side serpents T-shirt, asked Cole Sprouse if he and Lili Reinhart were dating. The exchange is everything you would want it to be. Watch it and try not to smile. Cole is predictably cheeky and Lili just melts into the ground.

The Terror

Any Canadian Studies student worth their salt knows the story of Franklin’s unsuccessful, mythical Northwest Passage voyage. Now AMC brought this story to the masses this week. It’s a solid story so that should be great. Plus the production design here is 10/10. If you like historical fiction and want something a bit dark – check this out.


New York Times – Inside Broadway

This is probably the coolest video I’ve seen this whole week. I think there is something extremely compelling about going behind the scenes of creative projects. I love seeing where these incredible projects started – and this lets the average person into the average day of a Broadway rehearsal. Bonus points for doing it all in one take … shoutout to Birdman…. And for all the wonderful little notes. Checkthe full article for even more behind the scenes details here.

Astronauts Answer 50 Googled Space Questions

Oh Chris Hadfield. Making Canadians proud since 1959. With this crowd of NASA astronauts he quietly hangs out in the back – but when he does contribute, he’s got the right answer and speaks with a confidence you can only have with a moustache like his. Here’s to all the space nerds out there.

Hot Ones x Shawn Mendes

So Shawn continues his press tour to promote his new music and stops by the fantastic Hot Ones. The interviews are always amazing, feel super authentic and are generally hilarious. This one is no exception. My favourite part is when he starts to swear. I feel like we finally get classic teenage boy here – trying really hard to ‘be-a-man’ and let’s be real, 19-year-old boys swear. I think this might be the closest thing we’ve seen to ‘real’ Shawn rather than the carefully constructed for the media ‘Shawn Mendes’.

The Friends Set

I love walking through the Art Department whenever I’m on a set. It’s full of all sorts of creative people and interesting stuff. So this fills me with all the sorts of joy. Also feel free to go down this YouTube black hole because this series is fantastic.

Dawson’s Creek 20 Year Reunion

I will forever love Pacey. I’m a massive fan of this show. I love most teen-tv but Dawson’s Creek stands out. It feels very 1998 but that’s also what makes it so wonderful. Baby Katie Holmes. Baby Michelle Williams. Baby Joshua Jackson. This had a dream cast and was exactly what teens in the 1990s needed. Seeing the cast together again is such a treat.

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