Weekly Wrap Up March 18th 2018

It’s a slightly wacky week. Prince Harry laughed Liam Payne, I went to a JT concert, there have been some fantastic trailers and Chris Hatfiled was on Build.



Liam Payne covers Waiting On the World to Change for the Queen

Yup. Liam Payne from One Direction covered John Mayer’s Waiting On the World to Change for the Queen… and Harry, Meghan, Kate, Wills and thousands of others to celebrate the commonwealth. The best part is not him singing – cause that was awful –  the best part is when Harry and Meghan laugh at him at the very end of the video. It’s a small moment. Harry takes one look at Meghan and they can’t hold it in.  I think after watching this video, you’ll be joining them.  Also – next time you want to celebrate the commonwealth, let’s try covering a song by someone actually from the commonwealth. k thx.

Man of the Woods Tour

So I randomly got free tickets to this on Tuesday night and it was a hilarious experience. He’s a really good performer – he can sing, dance, entertain like no one else. However, as I’ve previously talked about his new album sucks. I felt like JT was really trying to get us to buy that he was a Man of the Woods… to the point where halfway through the concert he sat down and had a full on campfire. He told the crowd that back where he’s from this is what people do. Guess what Justin – everyone does that and I don’t buy that you do. His old stuff is fantastic and it was great seeing him perform it – I just want him to go back to the basics. Oh and keep the high-level production value and band because they are fantastic.


Dua Lipa – IDGAF

This is my song of the week. She’s been everywhere promoting it. This is her on Ellen but she also scheduled for Kimmel. However – the best version is the one she did for the BBC Live Lounge with Charli XCX, Zara Larsson, MØ and Alma. It’s amazing.



Another week, another drop from PrettyMuch. It’s a solid song but what it’s really doing is just making me more and more excited for their full album to drop. Specifically, I cannot wait for the song Hello to be released. If you want to go in depth, most fans are pumped because Austin – the blonde one – finally has a solo verse. They’ve all been saying he’s more than just a pretty face and this is his moment.


Fantastic Beasts is BACK!

There is a lot to unpack here. Hogwarts is back – this is very exciting. Newt is back – again very exciting because I love Eddie Redmayne.  We get our first peek at Jude Law as young Dumbledore. Our favourite Muggle/No-Maj Jacob Kowalski played by Dan Fogler is back. The montage of sets is stunning. Plus – the whole idea of the Crimes of Grindelwald is just so compelling for Potter fans. I love that this universe keeps going – and I love that it’s now focused on adults. This is truly a franchise that is growing up with it’s audience.  I CANNOT WAIT for November.


Eighth Grade

I love my 8th Graders. This character feels like a REAL 8th Grader. The authenticity here is what makes it so compelling. This is an age group that needs more authentic stories. Not quite high school – but no longer Disney – this movie feels like it might hit that mark. Plus Bo Burnham wrote and directed this movie and he’s an interesting figure in the media world.  Can’t wait to watch this on Netflix.


The Crown pay gap

So this was the issue that infuriated me this week.  Sure Matt Smith is more ‘famous’ but that should mean that Claire Foy should have matched him. I could go on, but I won’t. Matt Smith needs to make a sizabel donation to Times Up and the producers need to give Foy a big bonus.


Oprah and James

It would be an honour to have Oprah make me cry.  I think the real key here, is that Oprah takes the time to know about the personal details about a person – in this case, she knows James’ kids names. More people could be engaged at the level in which Oprah cold be engaged… but then we’d be crying all over the street. So maybe this can just be an Oprah special…


Alexa and Katie Trailer

Love this. Cannot wait. There are so many kids out there that are impacted by childhood cancer that having a TV show dedicated to the ups and downs of this experience is crucial. There has to be more than The Fault in Our Stars – and this really gets to the humour – the ups. Add in that grade 8 to grade 9 transition and you’ve got a solid premise for a show. Created by Heather Wordham (Hannah Montana) and with Matthew Carlson(Malcom in the Middle) showrunning, this should be solid.



As a society, we don’t give enough love to our Paralympic athletes. They are just as spectacular as Olympians and should be given the same media recognition. This show – The Last Leg – is one of my favourite British Panel shows. It was a show that started as a sideshow to the London Paralympics in 2012 – but then it was so great the network kept it on, and its been going on ever since. This week they talk about Blind Skiing and it’s hysterical – and full of respect. I’m a massive fan and I wish we regular access to this in Canada.

National Geographic’s One Strange Rock

Chris Hatfield talks. Enough said.

Emmy Blotnick on Colbert

You don’t often see female standups on the late night circuit which is too bad because this is great. Her style is very endearing and her jokes made me smile. However – the reason why I put this clip in here is her bit about Fifth Harmony. For reference, I’ve also included the song she’s talking about. The big take away from all of this – “You can’t name your band after the number of band members, life is way too uncertain!”

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