Weekly Wrap Up: March 4th 2018

Guys. It has been a week. All leading up to the Oscars.


George Ezra – Pretty Shinning People

Another gem from this gem. I think this will be a great driving down the highway song. When that chorus hits, I just want to slam on the gas and drive fast down a backroad in the summer. Get the fresh air from the open windows flowing… If you will be in a car with me this summer, be prepared for this moment (seatbelts will be key).

This is Me

This is an older clip – but this was great. Just watch goosebumps form on your arms. We were passing this around our office all week leading up to the Oscars. Just a wonderful moment captured on film. Watch for the blond guy on the keyboard – that would be Justin Paul one of the songwriters. He’s one half of the Pasek and Paul superteam. They are only an Emmy away from getting the prestigious EGOT and they are only 33! They got the Oscar for La La Land and the Grammy and Tony for Dear Evan Hanson. They have TV experience with Smash (which was killer fyi) but I see them getting their own show and their EGOT soon.

Why Don’t We – Trust Fund Baby

I can’t. This is too boy band cheese. It’s just so much… I wasn’t sure where I was going without One Direction, I needed a new boyband and while Why Don’t We showed strong potential, with this release I think I’m falling firmly into the PrettyMuch #beanz fandom.


Jimmy had a good week.

With Jimmy Fallon, his interviews can be hit or miss. But this was a week of hits… or rather, interviews with really weird people that made the interviews spectacular. On the docket this week, we’ve got Macaulay Culkin promoting his podcast and Lin-Manuel Miranda and “Weird Al”Yankovic promoting the Hamilton polka. Both are stunning in their own ways:

Big Brother Celebrity

So we’ve now officially had our first run of Big Brother Celebrity US edition. Not the best of the Big Brothers – but still great. We all know the whole point of this was to steal viewers from the Olympics and to get Omarosa to say something explosive about Trump – which is why Ross Mathews was the best. He was in there doing “investigative journalism”, stirring the pot and asking Omarosa pointed questions that would create buzz to draw the viewers in. He is a ‘celebrity’ reporter, the kind of guy who would buy into the idea that the people on this show were ‘celebrities’ (even though they were all d-listers at best). He did his job with grace and even walked away in 2nd place and as America’s Favourite Houseguest. So way to go Ross. To celebrate you, here’s a video of you with BBCan’s Ika Wong. Legends together 4eva.

Adam Rippon on Ellen.

I have very conflicted feelings about all the US athletes on the talk show circuit. Like on one hand, I love that these wonderful people are getting the press they deserve. On the other hand, I’m fiercely Canadian and am unimpressed that the Americans are getting so much press when the Canadian team was better. I will save my rant for why Canada needs our own star system for another day. HOWEVER, we live in this world where the Americans control the stars and this is a pretty great interview. Adam Rippon is a gem of a human and his comment about ‘been sleeping’ on Shawn Mendes in the context of being focused on Harry Styles was amazing.  I get what he’s saying 😉

Donald Glover buys Thin Mints.

A little daisy (for my Canadian friends – this kid is a Spark). Donald Glover. Stephen Colbert. Thin Mints. What more could you want? Watch this and then hit me up cause Canadian Girl Guide cookies are coming in to Toronto next weekend…


Internet Things:

The Nature of Millennials.

IFHT out of Vancouver has been partnered with CBC Comedy for a while now, but this might be their best co-production yet. IFHT doesn’t put out a lot of videos but when they do, it’s fire. David Suzuki narrates, millennials are mocked, everyone wins. Watch a few times, the jokes just get better.  It might be a bit too close to home, but that is what makes it so great.

How to Win an Oscar

How things win these big awards are always such a ‘mystry’ for the general public. But if you understand the system, it’s pretty easy to figure out who might actually be able to win. You want to go for the film that everyone puts as their number 2.


How to hide a warship:

Again, a lot of how-tos this week. I thought this was fascinating. I really hope that one day the best picture at the Oscars will go to a bio-pic film about a ship painter. That would just be amazing.


How to never leave your house:

So I’m going with a how-to theme here. I’m pumped for the line up this March, but the show I’m most looking forward to didn’t make the montage cut – Terrace House: Opening New Doors – is going to be unreal. If you haven’t checked out Terrace House, you need to do that asap, cause we’re starting in on a new cycle on March 15th.

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