The Resident: Logan becomes a doctor

As we’ve established, I love Logan. I am on #teamlogan. Forever and always.

And because of that love, I’m a big Matt Czuchry fan. I loved him as lawyer Cary Agos. Yes I fell in love with Diane and Alicia… but Cary was the reason I started watching The Good Wife. He was wonderful in it and The Good Wife became one of my all time favourite shows. I loved him as a Christian Radio Host in Friday Night Lights and even his brief appearance in Veronica Mars made me smile.

However, Logan aka Matt is now a doctor… and I don’t love it. In fact, I strongly dislike it.

I’ve watched the first two episodes and I can’t stand Matt Czuchry’s character Conrad Hawkins. Yes, there are other characters – but none have pulled me into the show.

I try to give everything a chance for at least a few episodes, but I don’t know if I’ll continue to watch the show. I want the classic Czuchry character and this is just so different.

Czuchry himself acknowledged that this is a different role for him.

“To me, when I watched [The Resident], one thing I was confident in was: this feels very different than Cary or Logan. To me, that was exciting,” he told Us. “How fans will feel about that, I’m not sure, but for me, that was certainly my intention with seeing this character.”

Different can be good – but in this case I don’t think it’s a smart move.

The show feels ‘edgy’ – but in a way that feels like they are trying too hard. He’s all about breaking the rules, not wearing lab coats and making off-colour comments. And then there is the tattoo… I had a visceral ‘ugh’ moment when Conrad’s gothic back tattoo was revealed in the pilot. It’s awful – and others agree.

This season The Good Doctor is the winning Medical Drama category. There is only so much room for medical drams on network television and I have a feeling like The Resident will not make it to season two. So when (not if) it gets cancelled…  Czuchry please go back to the Logan’s and Cary’s of the world.

We’ll all love you for it.

I’m moving on for now… but call me when you get a new show 🙂

The Resident Airs on CityTV Mondays at 9pm. 

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