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Paula’s Holiday Movie Guide 2021

I am livid that this is another Covid Christmas. LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?! But I can't control that. What I can control is my Holiday watch list. I'm curling up with cozy blankets, spiked hot chocolate, and a lot of holiday movies. This is the 2021 guide letting you know where your favourite… Continue reading Paula’s Holiday Movie Guide 2021

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Everything I watched in October and November

Another season, another list of stuff I watched. I still don't feel like I'm up to my usual standard of TV watching. Between work, my MBA, and family stuff, finding time to watch shows has been hard. That being said, I've found a few that are *really* good. So let's get into it. Best Bets… Continue reading Everything I watched in October and November


Hot Takes on Red (Taylor’s Version) (Paula’s Version)

Everyone and their mother has an opinion and a hot take on Red (Taylor's Version). This week I've heard some great hot takes. I always love the New York Time's Popcast and their breakdown is excellent. Rolling Stone Music Now has a great episode. CBC's Popchat has an episode breaking it down. Popchat's Elamin Abdelmahmoud… Continue reading Hot Takes on Red (Taylor’s Version) (Paula’s Version)