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As a TV Producer, I always have my finger on the pulse. I’ve been blogging about TV and pop culture since 2017. This is what I’ve been watching, reading, listening to, and thinking about. For weekly updates, sign up for my newsletter on substack.

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  • Below Deck: A Definitive Cast Ranking

    None of you asked for this and yet here we are. I present all 101 Below Deck cast members ranked from WORST to BEST. A handy little guide to help you remember who all these people are… BD = Below DeckBD-M = Below Deck: MediterraneanBD: SY – Below Deck Sailing Yacht The number after the…

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  • Below Deck: Working reality works really well

    I’ve watched a lot of TV over the course of the pandemic – but there is one show that sticks out to me: Below Deck. For those of you who have never seen the show – here’s the pitch: it’s a reality show with a Downton Abbey Upstairs/Downstairs vibe but set on Mega Motor Yachts…

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  • To All The Boys: Always and Forever made me cry

    I honestly can’t believe we’re at the end of the To All The Boys I Loved Before series and at the last review. I so clearly remember falling in love with the series back in summer 2018. To bring you up to speed, I loved the first movie. Like obsessed. Could not think of anything…

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  • Mid Season Bachelor Check In – We’ve got a LOT to talk about

    I feel like The Bachelor franchise is at a cross roads. There are two things happening here. One hand, The Bachelor is more diverse and better than ever. The women on this season are amazing and Matt James is a solid lead. There are so many people I’m rooting for to ‘win’ the show and…

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  • 2021 Valentine’s Day Rom-Com Picks

    So out of the gate I have a confession. I hate Valentines Day. I’ve never been a fan, I think it’s ridiculously commercial, and over the years I’ve had many friends cry on my couch. It makes people feel bad about being single, it sets outrageous expectations for couples, and it’s hardly ever what you…

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  • The 2021 Golden Globes nominations are a fiasco

    The Golden Globe nominations got announced this week, and while everyone has an opinion… people have been asking me for my thoughts. So I’ll start with this: I love the Globes for the party and Tina Fey & Amy Poehler/Ricky Gervais superior hosting skills. I also like that it puts the TV people and the…

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  • The classic Disney love triangle has a new trio worth noting

    Most of my readers are female millennials – which means I know you are ready to talk about Disney love triangles. We are the generation of the epic love triangle within the teenage Disney set. Well friends, Gen Z has finally entered the chat with a triangle between Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Sabrina Carpenter.…

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  • Confessions of an internet lurker

    Internet culture has always been extremely compelling to me. I love Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Podcasts, and Youtube. I read a lot of blogs, I’m in hundreds of facebook groups, and I am deeply obsessed with Pinterest. You wouldn’t know it if tried to creep me online because I have an *extremely* small internet footprint. I…

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  • Anyone’s Game and the appeal of spots documentaries

    I enjoy watching sports – but I find my enjoyment and investment goes up when I care about the athletes. It’s why I love the Olympics so much. The broadcasters do such a great job of giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the athlete’s lives outside the realm of sports. These features inspire us and…

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