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As a TV Producer, I always have my finger on the pulse. I’ve been blogging about TV and pop culture since 2017. This is what I’ve been watching, reading, listening to, and thinking about. For weekly updates, sign up for my newsletter on substack.

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  • Weekly Wrap-up – April 7th

    I don’t have much to say about the stuff I’m consuming this week but rest assured there are some gems here. 

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  • Weekly Wrap-up April 1st

    This was a great week for pop-culture. In music the Juno awards kicked off the week, Jesse McCartney tried a comeback, Charlie Puth joined up with James Taylor for a 2018 protest song. Teenage TV both new and old had me joining the legions of fangirls. Then the internet really showed up with some phenomenal…

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  • Instinct


    Ah Alan Cumming  – how wonderful you are. The question is – are you wonderful enough to carry Instinct? Let’s jump right in – Instinct opens with Riverdale’s Kevin Keller aka Casey Cott enjoying the clubbing lifestyle until his untimely murder in the club’s bathroom. He’s left with just the Jack of Diamonds thus starting off the show’s murder…

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  • For The People

    For The People

    Shondaland has given us a new lawyer show and it’s solid. I’m loving this mid-season premier season. So many good shows are coming out and For The People is no exception:   For The People is about young lawyers cutting their teeth as a public defender or prosecution in New York City’s Southern District of…

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  • Weekly Wrap-up March 25, 2018

    Yeah, we’ve got the usual pop culture stuff – Shawn Mendes has new music, SNL killed it this week, Mr. Rogers has a documentary – but this week also notes a moment in history. On Saturday hundreds of thousands of kids Marched for Their Lives and the parkland students were everywhere. I hope that we’ll…

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  • Weekly Wrap Up March 18th 2018

    It’s a slightly wacky week. Prince Harry laughed Liam Payne, I went to a JT concert, there have been some fantastic trailers and Chris Hatfiled was on Build.   Music Liam Payne covers Waiting On the World to Change for the Queen Yup. Liam Payne from One Direction covered John Mayer’s Waiting On the World…

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  • Rise aka Friday Night Lights meets Glee

    NEW SHOW ALERT! We’ve got a new show for all you Friday Night Lights/Glee fans out there. I just finished watching the Rise pilot and I think I’m going to stick it out.

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  • Weekly Wrap-Up: March 11th 2018

    What a week for music – more tunes from George Ezra are being released; the boy bands are dropping music videos left, right, and centre; and the Arkells had an epic Olympic concert. We’ve got some new TV shows, trailers for new Disney movies and YouTube is lighting up with a video from a group…

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  • Why the Bachelor needs a revamp

    The Bachelor. Where feminism goes to die… and I’m addicted. Send help.

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  • Oscars 90

    Oscars 90

    Oscars 90 aka Oscars 2018 – were fine.  Nothing massive, but not a total snooze fest. Just a good event that went smoothly – which is really all the producers ever want. Here are the moments that stood out for me.

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