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Booksmart is Brilliant

One of the perks of working in TV is that I sometimes hang out with film people who give me free tickets to movie previews. Last night I got invited by Firecracker Podcast and Pioneering Women to see Olivia Wilde's directorial debut, Booksmart. It was phenomenal. The basic premise is simple. Two stellar students… Continue reading Booksmart is Brilliant

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Someone Great is GREAT.

If you are anything like me - you love a Friday night with a new Netflix rom-com. After last weeks disappointing 'The Perfect Date' - I was hoping for something great and boy did Someone Great deliver the goods. I am obsessed with this movie. Someone Great is the best rom-com of the year… Continue reading Someone Great is GREAT.

Movie Reviews

Noah Centineo needs to pick better projects…

I love Noah Centineo - like so So SO much. He is a gem. The internet boyfriend we didn't know we needed. Here's the problem, he is better than the projects he's being given. For example. The Perfect Date was AWFUL. Now that the weekend is over, and  I know you have… Continue reading Noah Centineo needs to pick better projects…