I ❤️ Love Island

I ❤ British TV. I have a strong pull towards Made in Chelsea, the panel shows, and the BBC dramas. So last summer when Love Island took over the country I desperately wanted to join in on the daily television experience… however I couldn’t find a way to stream it in Canada.

I’ve finally found a link and I’m hooked. I need you to get hooked too.

Here’s the premise from the creators:

“Caroline Flack hosts the show with the cast of hot young singles who have come looking for a summer of love and romance in Majorca. The winning couple will leave the island with 50,000 pounds.”

Here’s what happens from the point of view of the Guardian:

“If you’re not familiar with the format of the show, it’s this: 11 extremely attractive twentysomethings are put into the garden of an island villa and presided over by Caroline Flack. All of them shave every single follicle of their body hair and have never had to pay to get into a nightclub. They are forced to couple up based on who-fancies-who in a sort of coy high school dance routine, where they all step forward if they like each other, then Flack leaves and it turns instantly feral. For the following seven weeks they share beds, swap beds, gyrate on one another, carousel from one relationship to the next, and hook up with or bin off any one of a succession of 25 or so similarly eligible types who are flown into the villa as the series goes on.

Crucially, they also have emotions, and at the end of the show four or five couples go forward into a live final and the UK votes for the winner. At that point they all jump fully clothed into a swimming pool and out into a new and unusual proto-world of fame, where they have a million followers on Instagram but your mum doesn’t really know who they are.”

So basically – it’s amazing.

When our first 11 entered the villa – Amber, Camilla, Chloë, Dom, Harley, Jessica, Kem, Marcel, Montana, Olivia and Sam – I instantly knew why this was going to be great TV. They are all trainwrecks. See below:

The bio packs they use to introduce us to the cast are 10/10 – I was sold on every character as they were called up. That said – there are some that stood out to me. Loved Montana – I just felt like this is a girl who might not be that much of a trainwreck (I was wrong). Amber, rode into the villa in wearing the strappiest little pastel green suit. She just screamed FUN (I was right).  On the guys side – loved Kem. Again, just seemed FUN (spot on). Dom – also intriguing (lol – wrong).  Harley was cute (meh – maybe not in retrospect). But you knew from the opening moments – that we had a season on our hands.

Then they stirred the pot.

Enter Jessica to cause shit. Kudos to the casting team – not only had Chloe dated Kem’s best friends, but Jessica and Montana had previously dated the same person. Drama before the show even has started. Great job production. The casting team did their research.

By episode two – we had al the drama we needed to make this show addictive. The complicated Jessica-Dom-Montana triangle was running full steam ahead, Amber was over Harley and wanting to get under Kem. The entire cast had made out at a challenge. By the end of the second episode, I was hooked.

The production team does a great with this show. First off – the music is phenomenal. Whoever does their rights is a genius because many of the songs featured would cost a fortune. Second – our narrator Iain Stirling is a gem. Up there with the narrator from Jane the VirginThe writers who are doing his script deserve quite a bit of cash.

The challenges range from hilarious (Giant spin the bottle, The Hole Package) to outrageous (everyone snog everyone) – but the one thing they all have in common is they make GREAT tv.

This particular challenge was so much more than beer pong… keep watching:

Two weeks into production – you’ll find that will be enough twists, turns and dramas to fill a full season of any American show – but on Love Island, it’s just another Tuesday. Because Love Island airs every. single. day. of. the. week! 

We’ve got drama over breakups. Drama over hookups. Drama over other peoples drama. And so much content to discuss it’s insane.

I’m into it. It’s miles ahead of Bachelor in Paradise.

The Bromances, the showmances – there are SO many relationships and memorable moments created on this show that you do not know where to turn your head:

But it’s time for Kem and Amber to move over and make room for the new Islanders.

This time I’m watching the show live. Daily episodes, tweeting along – I am in for the long run here. After this year’s Bachelor disaster – I’m ready for the best hot-mess British TV can come up with. This is where I’m pulling you in with me.

The cast has been revealed and it looks great.

We’ve got models, doctors, retail workers, students, influencers and everything in between.

Really all I care about is who is going to bring the heat this summer. Who do you think will cause the most drama?

My bets on Dani Dyer. Her dad’s famous and this will be her big ‘break’ – which will rub people the wrong way. We will be reminded of her father more than Blazin Squad.  Can’t wait.

Also – there will be fights over Dr. Alex. 10/10. See below:

The 4th season of this hit show starts TODAY!

Here’s to another year of “evil producers relentlessly messing with very horny Instagram models.”

Remember – this is not a once a week thing. This is an everyday thing – see you all on twitter 🙂


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